Friday, July 13, 2012

Eh, it was...Okay

Well, yes, it happens every once in a while - - that totally unsatifying orgasm. You get your rocks off and you've spewed a decent amount of jizz, but it just didn't quite do it for you. Your cock wilts, your balls drop back down. But, your nuts still have that heavy, congested feeling and your body isn't nearly as relaxed as it normally would be after blowing a load. And a few hours later - if it takes that long - your dick is twitching again, getting hard and snaking down a pant leg, wanting more.

I have no medical explaination for it. I don't think there is one; it's just one of those male anomalies - kind of like the saying, "Shit Happens." And that shit happens sometimes.

The resolution I take is to let my dick twitch, get rip-roaring hard, and... ignore it. Yep. I ignore it. I don't tease it, squeeze it, or please it. There's no massaging of the man-berries, nothing. I just let it bone up and wilt, bone up and wilt. That puppy can cry tears of pre-cum all it wants and I will just let it weep.

The next day, however, is a different story. I'll go about doing my chores, tending to everyday things and I'll encourage my cock to get hard and stay that way. If it begins to droop a bit, I'll give it some soft, tender strokes to stoke it up, spread a bit of pre-cum around the head and play with the frenulum, just get that sucker throbbing with my pulse. And go back to my chores. Later on in the day, I'll get one of my old AccuJac sleeves out, lube it up, wedge it between a couple pillows, or between a couple of couch cushions and bang away at it like there will be no tomorrow, thrusting my cock to the hilt with my balls slapping against the mattress (or the face of the couch). I'll build it and build it and build it, until my cock is so hard it hurts and my balls are riding as high as they can get.

That's when I'll start putting those Kegel muscles to work. I'll slow the rhythm down. With each forceful thrust I'll squeeze my ass-cheeks together and plow my cock as far into the sleeve as I can, my cockhead slamming against the end. Unlike a lot of guys, I will not pull out and finish by stroking my hard-on with my hand.

 I keep my dick sliding in an dout of the sleeve and ramming the head against the end. And after about 10 or 15 of these my cock gets even harder and I can feel my nuts yank up and the first squirt rockets out and floods the sleeve. I'll time each thrust with each spurt of cum. Slam/spurt.

The orgasm is so intense, every muscle in my body is wound up as tight as it can be, I'm not breathing because I'm gasping for each breath between each shot of hot cream that blasts out. When I do this, I'll typically get 10 good, strong squirts and probably another 5 or 6 that ebb. When it's over I'm still breathing hard and my cock is still a hot-rocket and throbs for a good 10 minutes, or so. Total satisfaction achieved.


O!Daddie said...

whew, omg, I need a cigarette !!!

Westernstock said...

wonderful account of a pivotal experience!

Justin said...

Fuck me, I'd love too see that. Now I've got a twitching that needs an itching.