Saturday, July 14, 2012

National Nude Day

Our good blog-bud AOM tells me it's National Nudity Day today. Hot damn! That's what I'm talking about! Not that I need any encouragement at all - I'm flopping around in the breeze the majority of the day.

But, for those of you who need an excuse to get naked - well, here it is! Strip those clothes off, lay around inside or outside. Just enjoy letting your entire body breathe.

Have things you need to do? Do 'em naked!

This was me last week!

Enjoy the day, everyone!


Westernstock said...

Interesting thing, the one I find most intriguing, entertaining, is the one with his jeans hanging over the side of the truck. Something about fetish that somehow vies with the naked form.

Queer Heaven said...

Hey Buddy,
I just got back from an early afternoon at the nude beach! Wonderful Dicks all over the place!
My pals are coming over tonight for a nude dinner party.
I want the guy sitting in the striped chair... he is totaly hot!


Have a great nude day and a restful weekend!

AOM said...

Hell YEAH!!! Do It Naked! Great post buddy. Super pix to inspire us all to strip down and enjoy the freedom. Cheers, AOM

Justin said...

Great post. Gorgeous men. #6,10 and 12 are so hot but #11 is just amazing. I want him in my bed NOW!!!

Bellman said...

Have a great nude day and a restful weekend!