Monday, July 2, 2012

An Offer

I trust you all had a great weekend. I spent the bulk of mine on my knees... cleaning tile floors! How fun was that!? Despite the heat, the pool refuses to warm up enough to get in. Yes, I know, I'm a wuss - but I just don't like my balls and cock shriveling up into nothingness! Major Shrinkage is no way to enjoy one's assets.

After I posted on Friday I made a trip to a local [live] theater. Hoping to get hired to direct a show or two over the next season. We shall see. But, while I was there, a theatrical supply guy showed up with some fringe samples to add to the main stage drape. While he talked to the owner, I kicked back in one of the house seats in my usual position. That is, I have a tendency to adopt a posture of ownership: Leaning back in the seat, arms draped over the adjoining seats, and my legs spread wide. Which evidently, as the supply guy brought to my attention, shows off the bulge in my crotch to great advantage! He says, "Damn, dude! I love the way you sit." and stared at my crotch.

Well, I had no idea - honest! I mean, it wasn't my intention at all to call attention to my cock. But, when I looked down, there was this humongous bulge in my jeans. I smiled and explained it away, "It's just the way my attitude shifts when I get into a theater. I have this tendency to want to take over; I can't help myself."

He followed me out and then hit on me. Damn! I have to admit it was extremely flattering. I haven't had anyone - man or woman - make an outright pass at me in years. I mean, fuckin' years! And it was tempting... very, very tempting. He's no Greek Adonis - mid 30's, about 5'7" or 5'8", very slight belly. Then again, I'm no flippin' prize either; especially at my age. And perhaps it's my age that makes me appreciate his offer even more! But... alas! the agreement with the wife prevented me from taking him up on his offer.

For those new folks here, the agreement is that we agree it's quite natural for men to jack off - and even do so together once in a while - but, I promised to tell her ahead of time if I'm going to grab a handfull of someone else's pocket rocket.

It would've been a great way to pass the afternoon... Instead, I came home, stripped off my clothes and enjoyed the boner that popped up as I thought about it while I was on my way home.

Ran across this new blog via fellow blogger 420Bate, called Edge of Reality. There's some very lovely photos over there for you to enjoy. If they fuel your enjoyment, so the much the better!


AOM said...

Sounds like a very interesting weekend. Glad it had a happy ending on the way home! : ) Thanks for the link. Some great inspiration there. Thanks for sharing all hot pix. Cheers, AOM

becca said...

isn't it nice to be hit on. I actually got tickled about 2yrs ago when standing in line to go see Adam Lambert perform a woman Dr, hit on me mind you she was drunk which may be why she did it as if she were sober she would have ran the other way but it was so nice for that one moment. hope the job thing works out for you

whkattk said...

@ becca - Thank you! I hope I get some work out of it...