Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't Forget

It's that day of the month, guys.

Get busy on those balls! Roll 'em around and gently squeeze 'em... Check 'em properly!

Then, if you truly care about the health of any of the males in your life, call, text, IM, email, chat, post on forums, or Skype them all and tell them you care about them and you're letting them know today is:

Buddy Ball Check Day


If you love balls (and you do, don't you? I sure as hell love mine!)...

...don't let any guy you know get it caught too late. Ball cancer is curable if detected early.


Justin said...

I'm loving pic #4

AOM said...

Hey buddy, thanks for the reminder. Definitely keep my balls checked regularly. Cheers, AOM


Great balls! Hot cocks! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a pharmacy in a doctor's office building. I had a customer that was being treated for testicular cancer. He was 19 years old. They eventually found the beginnings of it on his 16 year old brother as well. Thankfully, both were caught early enough and were treated successfully.
People need to realize that this form of cancer is most prevalent with guys in their late teens through their '20's, and the chance lessens as we get older, but it can still occur.