Friday, July 6, 2012

Wish There Were More Like Him

Bravo! Well, maybe only a half of one. No, now that I think about it - he deserves a full Bravo! Because he admitted it on national television. And, really, it's all Kathy's fault it got labeled as a "guilty" pleasure.

For those of you who caught Kathy Griffin's Season 1 finale last night, you probably already know what and who I'm talking about. But, if you missed it or if you just aren't that into Kathy (this show isn't nearly as good as her "D List")...

Her main guest last night was Jimmy Kimmel. And she needs more comedians as guests who can keep up with her riffs. He's the first one who actually got to talk - she's usually railroading right over her guests. Now, he's a straight guy; no doubt about it. We need more straight dudes like him in the world.

Anyway, one question/topic last night was "Guilty Pleasures" and Kimmel came right out and said "masturbation." He loves to jerk off and made no bones (no pun intended) about it. From there, she asked if he'd ever done it so much he'd rubbed his dick raw. Without missing a beat, he answered, "Yeah." Then she wanted to know if he did it a lot and is there a difference in the frequency between being in a relationship and being single. He admitted he jacks off more often when he's not in a relationship - pretty normal there - but went on to say, "Single - yeah. It's a lot more when you're single - or if you're married."

Bringing the activity out into the open with no hint of guilt or embarrassment is commendable! He'll make a terrific father someday because he's so "yeah, I do" matter-of-fact about it that you just know he'd be encouraging any son(s) to go for it and have a good time. I can just imagine him handing over a bottle of lube and a hand towel and saying, "Here. It's a great teaching-learning experience. Go enjoy yourself."

Follow suit and go have a great weekend, guys...

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