Friday, September 28, 2012

All Day Strong

All Day Long

That's what exercise can do for you! No, I don't mean pushups and jumping jacks, although physical exertion - as we all know - is good for you. Now, we all know there are some men who, for medical reasons, can't do strenuous exercising. But, they can certainly do the kind of jacks that will aid in keeping their cocks in shape. And assist in lowering blood pressure. And reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Daily cock exercise helps us maintain our wood in good condition.

When's the last time you took notice of what your willy does during the day? It's important to keep an eye on these things - to do a cock check once in a while. Your pecker should be trying to take a peek at the sky somewhere between seven and nine times every day during waking hours. It doesn't necessarily have to get jackhammer, busting concrete hard - but it should be boning up at least partway.

And, though you can't know what mini-me does while you're asleep, you should be getting as many as eleven rock solid boners at night. The stiffest of them all will be during REM sleep. I know when I've had a good night's sleep because when I wake up my dick feels like it's hard enough to pound a hole through a tree trunk. And it'll stay that way for a good twenty minutes or so - even while I take my morning whizz.

Wood is an important indicator of your overall health, but it also keeps your dick healthy.And the one thing you can do to make sure it stands strong is exercise it. That's right, run that pole through a daily regimen. Even if you don't blast a load of jizz, deliberately coax your cock into a full-blown boner.

Whether you do it by taking a few extra strokes on it with the soap in the shower, or maybe some extra strokes to clear it after you take a leak, or playing with it while you're just sitting around in your boxers chilling out, doesn't matter.

 What matters is getting it hard.



Anonymous said...

As a father of a minor I grant him access to this excellent informative and educational site. I wished my dad did discuss sexual matters with me as brought up by this site on a regular basis, when I were a youngster = Slydog

O!Daddie said...

WHK... did #3 run into a wall or sumpin? Shame...

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I give you a thousand Bravo's! That is one lucky kid and you are one excellent dad! I hope there are (or have been) discussions afterward once in a while to ensure he understands everything.

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - he did SOMETHING to his cock at some point to cause that kind of curvature. Typically, it's because a guy wears something below the waist to sleep in, the cock gets hard and gets trapped in the clothing, he rolls over on it and **CRACK** goes the tunica. Result: Bent cock.