Saturday, September 15, 2012

Balls, Balls, and More Balls

Yessiree, it's that time again, folks! Time to fondle the nuggets, the man-berries, the nuts, the balls. Rub them, squeeze them, roll them around. Touch them, feel them. We don't care if you do it naked in the shower, under your blankets, outside in the sun, or shove a hand down your pants. We don't care if you have someone else do it for you while you stand there (and probably bone up!) Just do it!!

That's right: It's Buddy Ball Check day!
When you're done, after you're satisfied in all the right ways, call, email, instant message, ichat, skype, talk over the back fence, post on Facebook, do a blog post, leave messages in forums and in chatrooms to remind other men to do the same.

So get busy, ladies and gentlemen.

If playing with your nuts, or having someone else play with them, causes a rise in essential parts, go ahead and enjoy the results of those labors.

If you or your buddy-checker felt an odd lump or unusal hardness, call your doctor and make an appointment! Do not delay! There are worse things than losing a man-berry (or both) and not having a nut or two won't stop your cock from boning up good and hard. In other words, losing a testicle to cancer will not make you lose your sex life - - but not ridding yourself of a cancerous ball because you're afraid of those things could cause you to lose your life!

Now, stop arguing, stop procrastinating. Go play with those balls!


Anonymous said...

remember, those lumps, bumps etc. do no hurt. check your self out!


YES! Check your balls regularly! Another great post of hot hung guys.

GayWankers said...

Hummm I love it !!

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