Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Introduction

is in order... Yes, by now we've all seen one. Unfortunately, not everyone has been properly introduced.

Say "Hello" to the Cock.

This is Man's Best Friend. Literally. It's more than a transport for taking a leak.

Or a conduit to deliver the seed that fertilzes the egg.

Think of this as a man's Barometer. If he's paying attention it can tell him how other parts of his body are doing. The cock is quite important to his overall health. Droopy dick, drooling jizz, and dribbling piss are quiet signals.

I understand our Faithful Reader's buddy pounding one out on occassion. I think all guys have been there at some time or another. The case of the hornies that just won't let you concentrate on an important task. Your balls feel heavy and there's a dull ache in them. Your cock is twitching, throbbing, demanding attention and it will not be denied! So you run to the men's room, fish out that hard-on and furiously whip out a load; relieved, you stuff it back into your pants, zip up, and go back to your desk to get your work done.

Then there's the case of extreme nerves... You have a presentation to make at the annual meeting and not only is your voice shaking, your hands shake so bad the laser pointer will make the audience dizzy it's bouncing around so much. So, you run to the men's room, lock yourself in the stall and drop your pants. It takes a few minutes to work up a decent boner, but you do and stroke out a decent load. The seratonin flods through your body, you take a few deep breaths, stuff your cock back into your pants, and walk into the meeting with confidence.

These situations are understandable and a quick jerking off is the only way to tame your unruly pecker, or to settle the nerves. But this shouldn't be the way a man should get his nuts off on a regular basis. If you are among the men who resolve the full ball syndrome like that all the time, it's time you introduced yourself to your best buddy.

Find an opportunity to be alone - completely alone. Get naked - no clothing of any kind, not even socks. Now, go stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Inspect every millimeter, top to bottom. For each flaw you find, discount it by pointing out something you like. Then, go sit in a chair, or on the couch. Just vegetate... Think about nothing.

If you are the typical guy, without realizing it you'll find your hands playing with your cock, fondling your balls. It may not have gotten stiff, but it's probably filled out a little bit. The goal here is not to stroke and blast a load. The goal is to simply sit and enjoy the sensations.

We guys have done this since we were babies - since we were in the womb for God's sake. Why have you stopped paying attention to this piece of your body? Reacquaint yourself with it right now! Watch it react to your touch; how it twitches when you caress the head, how it grows when you stroke your fingers along its length, how the precum beads and begins to drool down the shaft. It likes what you're doing, it appreciates the loving, caring attention and it rewards you by doing those things.

You should love your dick. Show it how much you love it and it will show you how much it appreciates the love. Your brain will register the wonderful sensations, the beautiful feelings your cock delivers. Learn to enjoy those moments, rather than rushing through them.


miracleman said...

JT and I have had to get reaquainted lately. I was quite busy for a while and we've been making up for lost time. 3 sometimes 4 times a day on my days off. I discovered a little bit of a callous under the head the other day. I think I may need to lay off for a bit. Love the pre-cum shots.

Queer Heaven said...

Well Da Dick O'Mine and I have a great relationship! Whenever he tells me he needs to be milked. I get busy.
It does get a little frustrating when he wants it so often. But as we all know Da Dick is Da Boss!

whkattk said...

@ miracleman - There's no need to lay off for a bit. Get some Vitamin E oil and apply it twice a day to the calloused area and it'll slough off in a couple weeks. If that doesn't work, make an appointment with your doctor and have him inspect it to ensure it IS nothing more than a callous. If he determines is is, he can prescribe a cream that will dissolve it.