Thursday, September 6, 2012

Need a Little Humor

If you don't at the very least love your own we can't help you.

Is there a man alive who doesn't?

Who wouldn't like a little guy so eager and willing to take care of the boner?

Okay... New meaning to 'worshiping the porcelain god'

Art imitates life

For the rock star in all of us... Compose while you piss.

A woody in the tanning booth guarantees no tan lines...
I think I'm speechless... Suggestions welcome!
No need to steal a peek
Support for The Boys, complete freedom for Willy
Self explanatory, no?
You can always blame the cum spatter on someone else!
No support for the package, but no skidmarks on your khakis

Not to confuse this Marvin with my buddy's character, but they seem to have similar philosophies

Go for it, guys!!


becca said...

LMAO these were hilarious


We all need a little humour from time to time! Thanks!

whkattk said...

Thanks, becca! Good to have you back!

whkattk said...

Yes, my lord. Yes, we do.