Monday, September 24, 2012

That's What Friends Are For

Yes, indeed... A friend is invaluable. Especially one who you can talk to about anything, and I do mean anything. A friend who isn't embarrassed about his man parts.

Take for instance the email sent to me last week by a Faithful Reader, who got into a discussion with a buddy about jacking off. Now, the buddy happens to be straight, but a guy should be able to talk to another guy about this regardless of orientation. This straight friend of his made this statement detailing how he goes about masturbating: "Grab cock. Jerk it. Cum in less than a minute and get on with life."

Oh, dear! As you can imagine, here at Big Whack Attack, this gave us pause. A man who, it appears, simply wants to hurry up and get it over with? Just wants to empty the man-berries? Dump the load and be done with it? This is a guy who doesn't appreciate his cock, or what it can do for him.

To my knowledge this is a result of teenage years when a young man is forced to hide what he is doing. It's a furtive activity to be ashamed of rather than an enjoyable past-time of learning. This is caused by either 1. A family atmosphere where sex is never discussed, or it is thought of as dirty and sinful, or 2. Feeling as if one needs to hide the activity from a younger sibling, or 3. Low self-esteem (much more common among men than you might imagine). Or perhaps a combination of all of the above.

No matter the cause, there's a way to remedy this. And that is to have a good friend who isn't afraid or ashamed to explain the benefits of taking your time... to help learn and experience the vast pleasures to be found in the entire body. Men have many erogenous zones. Outside of the obvious (cock, balls, prostate), there are shiveringly delicious sensations to be had everywhere: The neck, throat, ears, lips, inside of the thighs, back of the knees, nipples, there are even erection trigger points on the palms of your hands and the insteps of your feet... Oh, the list goes on and on. But, if you don't think you are worth it, that for some reason you don't deserve to experience these pleasures, you'll never discover them and you'll never know the joy you can bring yourself.

First off, our Faithful Reader must discover why his friend feels his hard-on should be relieved as quickly and clinically as possible in order to treat the root of the problem (no pun intended). Death grip, furious stroking relieves the aching pressure in the balls but few of the benefits are realized.

Yes, it cleans out the pipes, so the risk of prostate cancer is reduced, but what about lowering the blood pressure, what about relieving tension, what about other medicinal benefits like getting rid of a headache or helping the body to relax into a deep sleep? The kind of sleep that allows all those restorative hard-ons to develop.

Over the next few days I'll repeat some of my past posts for this Faithful Reader to pass on to his buddy. He might even go so far as to treat his buddy to a full body massage, letting him experience these other places on the body which deliver pleasurable sensations.

I'm not suggesting a hand job here, no. Just the kind of sensuous massage that might make him get a nice, hard boner without touching his cock or his balls.

Because, even if his friend were open to a nice slow buddy hand job, as many straight guys are, it is much too soon for that! This friend has much to learn before he would even be capable of appreciating the pleasure. Perhaps sometime in the future - after this man has learned to get naked, kick back, and enjoy his cock on his own.

Maybe then he'll be deserving of reaping the rewards of having a bud show him how good it can be to lie back and let the magic happen.


Queer Heaven said...

I had a bi friend awhile ago who did not like to jerk off.
Really! He was in his mid thirties when I knew him and he told me he jerked off once or twice when he was a teen and never again.He said he hated it. He was always horny. He needed to fuck someone almost every day. I am not joking... this is true.... sometimes 2 or 3 different ones.
Now that is a real mental problem!
No matter what he would not jerk off!

whkattk said...

@QH - Now this surprises me. Really. There's got to be some underlying issue. Someone found out he whacked off and told him it was stupid and lame and for sissies; religious issues got in his way (fucking is okay, jacking off is not); his dad "caught" him and beat the shit out of him for it, or his mom walked in on him and it traumatised him.
But to hear a man say, "I hated it." just... I don't know - maybe it was a simple case of he was never taught how... In any case, that is sad, sad, sad!