Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Brother Jacks Off

I have an appointment this morning, so this will have to be a quick one. 'Course, there's nothing wrong with a quickie, is there? They can be quite enjoyable, very satisfying, and serve an important purpose!

My brother responded with some basic instructions... I hope anyone facing the dilemma of an uncooperative cock might find something useful. His sex therapist pretty much showed him how to use his hands in place of a cock ring.

As the sensations in the head and shaft initiate the flow of blood into your softie in an attempt to create a boner, you squeeze the very base of your dick to keep the blood from retreating. It works better than a cock ring in one sense and not as well in another.

Our cocks have a swivel point near the base. This enables us to adjust the angle of a hard-on for penetration when what we're attempting to thrust our pokers into isn't perfectly aligned. It's what allows us to take that slab of stiff meat and push it down - so we can let it snap back up and slap against our bellies. This is the point you want to engage here.

If you've ever paid close attention to some of the pictures the porn places publish, you'll notice that some of these guys don't have a true, full boner; they're squeezing the base, stopping the blood from flowing back out and causing the head and (remaining) shaft to engorge. Keeping the shaft engorged like this with one hand, begin playing and stroking your cock with the other. If you've got a jack off sleeve you can even thrust into that - well, as far as your squeezing fist will allow.

Your cock will respond to the stimulus just as it always has, getting more and more sensitive, building up the sexual tension in your body, and can result in orgasm.

My brother says he does get a small amount of cum to spurt out; the orgasm is [mostly] dry, but it doesn't reduce the pleasure of the neurological muscular tension build-up and release of serotonin and other chemicals released into the body when we cum. He cautions: It will take practice, practice, practice. But, who doesn't like to practice jacking off?


O!Daddie said...

we need more pics of old dudes with massive boners.. that would definitely help sell me on these techniques. :>)~


Hot post! When the redhead has finished send him over to me. I'll get him hard again! I promise!

whkattk said...

@O! Daddie - well, let me see what I can do to wrestle up some more mature guys for you!

Eddie said...

I don't want to *practice* jacking off. I'm already proficient at it :)