Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post-op Orgasm

Well, okay, then. That's much better, isn't it?

So, where were we? Oh, yeah... My Faithful Reader has given me permission to post his experience post-op. And I will do that - right after I answer his latest question, which is: "What about ejaculation vs orgasm?"

Yes, guys, we all know how good it feels to shoot the load. And I've mentioned (more than a few times) my formula v(V) - or volume times Velocity - makes for a more satisfying experience. But, after you've had your prostate removed, you will not cum in the traditional sense. You won't be drenching yourself or anyone else in huge loads of jizz rocketing out the end of your cock. Because the prostate is responsible for the bulk of that fluid and it's gone now.

There will be pre-cum. Yes... Because it is not a function of the prostate - it is the product of the Cowpers glands - and the surgeon should be skilled enough to leave them in place when removing the prostate.

But what about Orgasm? Yes. A thousand times, yes. The sensations in your pecker will still be there - even if the nerve bundles have been removed. Your dick will not be numb - you'll still feel your (or a partner's) hands touching and stroking and teasing. During my research I found board entries from many men who say they not only experience orgasm, but that (for some, anyway) they seem more intense than ever. The Ladies have also posted expressing their joy that there's no clean-up or wet spot to deal with.

I'm sure you've heard about guys being able to become multi-orgasmic... I've experienced it myself and it can be really, really good! The entire body tenses up and releases just as if you've shot the wad. The best part of this is - especially as we age - the refractory period is nil. Your cock stays as hard as a fucking steel rod enabling you to reach the peak over and over. It takes practice but there are places you can go to learn this. Body Electric is one such institution.

In the end, losing one's prostate is not necessarily the end of enjoying sexual activity. With diligence and practice, it can be just as full-filling as it was when you soaked yourself with an explosive firestorm of hot baby batter raining down on you.


O!Daddie said...

thanks for this.. not that I'm a candidate (yet), but I was under the impression that prostate removal was THE END.. I guess it is only if you want it to be... as if you cant stand who you're supposed to be fking and this is a good opt out when you cant GET OUT..

Glad you got onto Chrome... it grows on you..


After my second TURP recently I no longer shoot any cum, but my orgasms are as strong, if not stronger, as before. Though I still have my prostate, the cum now passes into the bladder, because of the size of the new passage through the prostate. More great photos. Thanks.

AOM said...

Excellent article, my friend. Thanks for all the information. You do such a wonderful service. Also the pix definitely got me hard, stroking and a very intense orgasm. Thanks, buddy. Have a super day! Hugs and Strokes! AOM