Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

Well, now, I surely hope the post-prostate series has helped anyone who has been dealing with the difficulty and frustration that comes along with losing the ability to enjoy his cock. It is so much a part of who we are as men. When the little guy refuses to respond it can be aggravating and depressing!

We so want (and need!) this:

To do this:

The Faithful Reader who posed the original question had this to say:

"Giving you a BIG Gold star for the series of posts on sex without a prostate. I think I was the one that asked for some info as I had my prostate removed quite a few years ago. Most of what you wrote I either knew or proved what I thought to be true. But there were a few things I didn't know. For that, a great thank you. I admit that when I first wrote asking for information I was way down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself. That happens when I fail to take my meds.

One thing I can comment on ....  you wrote "If any post-op guys are out there, tell us if you can still do Kegels... If so, then those muscles are in good shape for a jizz-less orgasm."

For close to a year after the surgery I did the kegel exercise's. It took awhile before I could hold my urine.  It was even longer before there was any feeling on the head of my penis. But never enough to cause a erection. After trying many different way, my partner and I found a way that worked for us, a way to reach a climax without a erection.  Plenty of lube, a lot of masturbation and either a few fingers or a dildo in the butt.

It takes a lot longer to achieve the wanted climax, but it can be fun. Is it anything like sex with a prostate....NO. But it can feel good if you let it. Someone claimed that good sex is mostly in the head, not the penis. I won't say how long it took me to discover that for myself. One bit of advice....before you start, be sure to empty your bladder first. Otherwise you will "wet the bed"."

I sure thank my Faithful Reader for letting me know I was able to help - even if in a small way by reminding him all is not lost. It's a matter of re-learning certain things, discovering new ways to solve a challenge, and, above all, not giving up. Remember my brother's words: "Practice, practice, practice." Here at Big Whack Attack that translates to:

Stroke, stroke, stroke!



When I saw #1 I thought that would be enough for today, but the further I went the more exciting the men became! WOW! A very hot post, my friend. Just wish I could look out my window and see a guy sunbaking in the nude!!!! Thanks.

whkattk said...

@ LP - Thank you, my liege. It is always my aim to please. Yes, a view like that from the window would be enough to make any, well almost any, man get hard and start stroking.

AOM said...

Woooo Weeee! I am stoking furiously here. I really love you reaching through my monitor to get me off. Have a great weekend, buddy! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

O!Daddie said...

FABULOUS set of pics.. I'm wankin away ....