Monday, January 14, 2013

Prostates and Pre-cum

Well, I apologize for the lateness. I slept an extra two hours this morning - something which rarely happens. Of course, I needed time for my coffee to kick in. And then I had a doctor's appointment.

Faithful Reader, Amanda, (I love it when the Ladies join the conversation because they have important things regarding our apparatus they can share, too!) reminds us in a comment on last Thursday's post, that medications - with or sans prostate - can have side affects on our hard-ons if we suddenly stop taking them. Always check with your physician before stopping any meds; there can sometimes be catastrophic repercussions in suddenly ceasing medication. But you might also want to ask how any medication may affect your hard-on. And check with the pharmacist about interactions of meds, and any supplements you decide to take, could have on your ability to get your cock to bone up.

And, Faithful Reader, Eddie, added that many doctors fail to take Thyroid into account when dealing with dead dick syndrome. Thyroid controls many of the "chemical" levels in our bodies. So if you're experiencing ED for no apparent reasons be sure to have your doctor test your thyroid along with "the usual suspects."

Another Faithful Reader sent an email asking about pre-cum issues - with or without a prostate. He asks if there is a way to increase this (and the amount of cum); if supplements might assist with the production of these fluids.

Well, there are tons of supplements which are given credit for boosting prostate health. But do they boost our body's ability to produce pre-cum? As one seminar instructor told the class at Body Electric, "Some of us produce copious amounts of pre-cum, some of us don't." Part of this would be dependent upon the size of  the individual's Cowper's glands which produce this slick, silky, fluid we so enjoy playing with and spreading over our hard pocket rockets and balls.

But, we can also (usually) increase production by staying hydrated. "Staying hydrated," as my doctor told me once, "does not mean drowning your gut with water. All that will do is make you have to piss more often."

We can also help build pre-cum ooze and a better load by increasing the amount and length of stimulation. Which in turn can (usually) increase the amount of cum we blast when we finally shoot those geysers. The more heightened our arousal, the longer we maintain that arousal, the more jizz the prostate creates.

As with taking any OTC supplements, always buy reputable products from reputable dealers. I'd encourage purchasing from a health food store such as GNC. That way you can ask the clerk what he might recommend for boosting "pre-ejaculate and semen production."

I personally produce enough pre-cum (and sometimes baby-batter) to drown a small horse. Prescribed medication is the cause. I sure don't complain about that, but the other side affects are not so pleasant (increased sweat, saliva - which might come in handy if I have the opportunity to give someone a nice wet, sloppy blow job, and increased need to piss.) But, many, many prescribed medications and OTC meds can have a drying-out effect on both the Cowpers and Prostate. And that is your key to asking him for help.

The word "satisfaction" is often mentioned when it comes to sexual gratification but the word should carry much more meaning than it does. For a truly satisfying encounter, we should get the feelings and sensations we most prefer.  If the amount of pre-cum you produce isn't satisfying enough, lube is readily available in stores - even on the shelves at places like Walmart. 

So, bone up good and hard

Lube up; get it nice and slick

And blow a good strong load


O!Daddie said...

excellent advice about blowing a good load.. nothing better; well almost nothing.

A word about OTC supplements.. beware of a potentially dangerous escalation effect if you are already taking a prescribed med for a particular condition, especially tranquilizers.

Don't start a supplement solely on the advice of 'friends' who usually don't know shit about your medical condition, med list or drug interactions. A well-meaning caregiver nearly croaked my MIL doing just this without our knowledge or permission.

Eddie said...

good to see comments about sensible hydration! i once had a doc tell me i should drink 80oz water a day. ridiculous! best advice is to drink enough (depending on temperature and how hard you are exerting yourself) to turn your pee pale yellow; if there's no color, then you're drinking too much. i'd rather spend my time doing something i enjoy :) rather than constant trips to the toilet.

Westernstock said...

Nice informative article and powerful pics!

Queer Heaven said...

I never had lots of pre cum... even in my youth when I could shoot my load across the room.
But for some reason lately, there is enough pre cum to keep my Dick head lubbed for a good wank off.

Jack Scott said...

I alway had a significant amount of pre-cum and enjoyed it greatly. When I started taking Zinc supplements for my prostate health it seemed to also stimulate my cowpers gland.

My pre-cum increased greatly. I could stand naked and a strand of the stuff would extend unbroken to the floor much to the amazement of my buddy.

The heightened production of pre-cum was great when my buddy and I could play with it; but when I was turned on and couldn't haul it out and play, it got to be another matter. The pre-cum would soak my underwear and go on to soak my jeans. Sometimes it would get so wet it would run down onto my thigh. I had to be careful about wearing light colored pants that would show they were wet.

If you decide to take a Zinc supplement, don't overdo it. More is not better.

whkattk said...

@O!Daddie - Yep. This is why I mentioned it is important to always check with the pharmacist for drug interaction with anything!

whkattk said...

@ Jack - I too produce lots and lots of precum - it's great except when the wet spot on the dress pants is apparent to the casual observer.

Amanda said...

@Jack Scott: I've heard the same about Zinc supplements and was going to suggest it in response to this post as well.

Thanks for mentioning what I said, Whkattk. I did want to mention--my boyfriend hydrates plenty but never seems to produce a lot of precum. I don't mind when it comes to sex, as my body produces plenty of moisture to negate friction ;) However, feeling his precum in my hand when I'm massaging his penis really turns me on and I'd love to find a way to increase it. Is there a way to stimulate the Cowper's Gland externally (much like you can do with the prostate with the right motions)?

whkattk said...

@ Amanda - That's a good question! I'll look into it! Maybe my good friends over at MedHelp can answer that...

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!