Friday, January 4, 2013

Use It - Often

Blogger is having major Upload issues. Consequently, I could get no pictures up to accompany this post. Sorry about that, folks. I'll try again later in the day and, if it's working, add some.

Okay. As promised, there is some good news filtering out of the medical community when it comes to radical prostatectomy. Surgical proceedures are becoming more precise and if at all possible the nerve bundles are being spared. Sometimes it is only one side but, as it turns out, it's enough to get our dicks to respond. Of course, losing either or both bundles doesn't mean you have a numb dick or that folks can start calling you Numb Nuts (sorry, couldn't resist!). No. You'll still feel things touching it; these nerves specifically control your ability to get hard - they open and close the sphincter for blood flow to the cavernosa.

One idea, which seems to be spreading throughout the urological community of doctors and surgeons, is prescribing boner meds before the surgery. The length of time varies from surgeon to surgeon. Though Viagra has been (and still is) used, it appears that daily dose Cialis is becoming the standard. The reason makes all the sense in the world and harkens back to the BOEs I've blogged about in the past. Oxygen that the blood carries is essential to our peckers which is why we get those spontaneous boners all the time. The meds assist pre-op men in ensuring a really good, steady dose of oxygen gets infused to the cock and surrounding tissue. In other words, they should increase the number of spontaneous stiffies.

The other suggestion more urologists and surgeons are making pre-op is that ejaculations - very frequent ejaculations - help. So, bone up and cum as much as possible in the weeks leading up to your surgery. Not only is it important to blow jizz as often as possible during your entire lifetime for reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer, but doctors are finding the old saw "use it or lose it" applies. There's that blood oxygen supply again... Keeping your cock healthy is important.

The combination of those things seem to be working quite well to help guys get thier hard-ons back within weeks after surgery. That, in turn, boosts their self esteem and confidence - the mental well-being of having a cock that works.

On Monday I'll report on the most amazing advance of all! It will provide all men a reason to shout for joy from the rooftops and seriously reduce the anxiety over post-op boners!


O!Daddie said...

cant wait for the news... can I reserve two??

Upton King said...

Hi... having the same problem with blogger today... pic upload does not work. Tried on two different computers. If you come up with a solution, please let me know. Thank you. Enjoy your blog! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

AOM said...

Sorry to hear you had problems. I posted around midnight so no major problems then - though there was an issue of all the pix loading at once so my pix would be out of order - I had to go back through and order them correctly before posting. I bet that was the beginning of the issue. Hope it gets corrected soon. Thanks for the great info you provide keeping our cocks healthy and cumming. Have a great wanking weekend buddy! H&Ss, AOM

whkattk said...

@ O!Dadie - you can reserve as many as you'd like! LOL.