Monday, February 23, 2015

Did We?

A Faithful Reader asked if my brother and I stroked cock together while he was visiting. Sadly, the answer is "no." With a houseful of people, it would've been nigh-on impossible. Though I did have a quick discussion with my nephew about the importance of jacking off frequently. The subject was actually broached by a brother-in-law via stating, "It's important to keep the pipes cleaned out on a regular, if not daily basis, to reduce risk of prostate issues." (Hey, after all, it was my nephew's 21st birthday. That was a great gift he was given and I wanted to make sure he knew it!)
Yes, my brother and I grew up jacking off together. We were young. We were horny. 
We stroked each other's cocks as often as possible. We enjoyed it tremendously.
It's quite typical of brothers - particularly when they share a bedroom as my brother and I did. He's three years my senior and he taught me as much as he could about my cock, my balls, and jizz.




Of course, there was so much more to learn as I got older. And, I think I'm still learning things about men's packages.
I did find time to get my rocks off, though. Yes, I did.
And I continued to piss outdoors.
Though I didn't require it of my house guests.
(But maybe I should have. I live in an area hit by extreme drought, and saving as much water as possible should be everyone's responsibility.)
I'm contemplating putting a trough out in my yard

so guests won't consider it crude to piss without a proper facility.
In all, I had a wonderful time with my family. We so rarely get everyone together. That makes us appreciate one another more.


Your French Patrick said...

Thank you for all that you made after the announcement of the creation of my blog @

I expected nothing less from you, and I guess why you could not make more as there is only one possible explanation.

Xersex said...

what a great uncle you're!!!

AOM said...

You are so lucky to have grown up with a brother. I wish I had. Keeping the drought a bay! LOL How funny. Always fun to piss outdoors. Have a bonerific jizztastic day, bro. Hugs and Strokes,AOM


So pleased that the family visit went so well. I'm the last living member of my immediate family. Yes! I do have nieces and nephews. A great post as usual. So pleased you saw the nude dancers! Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

Looking forward to your regularity - at least until Blogger shuts all "us" degenerates down. Room for all at Tumblr - took some getting used to, but I'm safe for now.

Anonymous said...

i love the cuties in first gif - would love to watch him eat out such a beautiful bodied boys asshole ;)and suck or play with his beautiful cock-great packages on some hot bodies -i love to see a dick pissing outside for us and they are proud of the deed;0

Anonymous said...

that hairy cock hanging with those beautiful balls sitting on that painters ladder is so hot! i want to reach out and grab that package ;0....

mistress maddie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. I have a much, much older brother from my dads first marriage. He had a son born about two months after me, so I became a step uncle at two months old. As teens we would jack off a lot together when we has sleep overs and eventfully we jacked each other off. As our lives continued, when we do see each other, we still jack off together, and last the few times we were together, I even asked if me minded if I could blow him. While he is straight and married, his wife refuses to suck, he is very cool and seems to have your views. I find it very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

hello from japan!

having a loving family to come home to is a huge blessing.

love the guy in pic 10! he might be uncut but so whaaaat!

public toilets turns me on. walking to one always gives me a boner so it takes me a lot of time to pee. goes without saying that i love toilet sex.


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