Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Naked Truth

It was mentioned sometime last week...the only time most straight men feel comfortable allowing other guys to see the package is when they're showering at the gym, or maybe - and it's a big maybe - when they're pissing in the great outdoors.







Tell me, all my Faithful Readers: Give me the naked truth. Are you uncomfortable with men seeing your dick?



Are you one of the guys keeping the suit on when everyone else is naked?
Can you explain why? 


Anonymous said...

Im perfectly cool being naked around guys. I have no problems

Your French Patrick said...

The naked truth is that if Michael Stokes is a victim of the censorship, it is for me an excellent piece of news. Even better if it's the third time. He had a blog at Mayem, the ban on reproduction was mentioned nowhere on the photos or on his blog, the right click was not blocked and, incredible but true, everybody had access to the code of integration of every photo. Nevertheless he complained to Tumblr because there was on my blog one of his photos published three years ago, behind 40,000 others. And now, he has a Tumblr where his photos can be reblogged by only one click. He answer never when we write to him, even not by a single yes or not. Why don't he publish his Wounded Warrior nudes on his Tumblr? The criteria of Facebook, of Tumblr and of Blogger are also severe the one as the others.
I whish you a wondrous day, my dear Pat, with a lot of bisous.

mistress maddie said...

I really could care less who see's it, and I'll even show it if someone requests it. I have never really been shy about nudity, being nude and walking around in underwear or displaying a nice bulge in pants. I find it all rather sexy. I just think when seeing dick, or being nude, too most people is represented with sex and that's not always the case. More times than not though, if a guy is at my house and I see dick, I usually do get a hard on.


Could not care less! I'm not ashamed of my cock. It is part of me as a man. So why try to hide it?

Queer Heaven said...

I have to admit I am very proud of my dick! It might not be the biggest or the fattest, but he has always been good to me so I enjoy showing him off.

You always post such great photos..but I gotta say..that guy in the first photo is one of the best ever.... I am stealing it for my blog.

Artistjsudler said...

I am totally comfortable being naked around men. When I travel, I tell my roommates that I like to sleep naked and I'm not bashful about taking my clothes off after a long day of work. My best friend is str8 and bashful and thinks naked is only for sex, to which I totally disagree. I've travelled quite a bit and the best traveling outfit is a kilt IMO. I am definitely not the guy in the shorts when everyone one else is naked. I just wish I could keep a tan. I am of Celtic descent any my skin just seems to want to stay one light color.

Xersex said...

I don't practising sport, so no locker room situations, do not go to naturist beaches, but I think I would not have problems

SickoRicko said...

No problem here. (Enjoy your visitors.)

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I had no idea he'd done that. I've seen so much of his work on so many different blogs, on Facebook, and even on Twitter. So no doubt there are many in Instagram and Pinterest, too. As you say, if he does not want people sharing his work, then it should have locks to prevent sharing. If he is now on Tumblr with 1-click share, it may be old stuff he feels he can no longer make money on. My many bisous, cher!

whkattk said...

@ Artistjsudler - Bravo, buddy!!! That's honest living and they way I am as well.

Your French Patrick said...

You are probably right. That said he is as much a good photographer as a unpleasant man. For instance, it was lots and lots more easy for him to send me a mail or a message in my ask box instead of building up a whole file to prove its copyright.

Mister Opti-mix-tic said...

Better and better!
An article which very tempts me to put back me in sports (I admit not to be a very big sportsman), because your magnificent article proposes all the necessary arguments to give the desire!

AOM said...

Not a problem here. I love the feeling of being naked around others. We'd all be better off if we were naked around each other more often. Great question, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM