Friday, February 27, 2015

Extra! Extra!

Well, as The Guardian pointed out in an article, supplied by Faithful Reader John in a comment, that was a quick turnaround by Google after being inundated by bloggers. The article says in part:

"This comedown will be considered a victory for those who called the move a limiting of freedom of expression, with one critic being sex blogger and author Zoe Margolis, who said making blogs private effectively “kills them off”.
In The Guardian after the announcement, Margolis wrote, “Forcing millions of blogs to become private is not just a free-speech issue, or one about making adult content harder to find (Google’s own search tool makes that argument redundant), but boils down to Google sabotaging the integrity of the web – and how it functions – and it is for this reason that we need to oppose this narrow-minded and short-sighted policy.”
I believe we can thank the FCC for their ruling yesterday as well, because (according to an LA Times article) "The new rules prohibit service providers from discriminating against legal content..." And it just so happens that this is legal content:

Google's decision may have been a combination of both. Bottom line is that things will remain status quo - at least for the time being. And I sure thank you all for your support via comments and emails. It really meant a lot to me. I picked up a whole slew of new followers over the past few days. I shall provide a proper Welcome to you all on Monday.
In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! Relax and chill out...


Westernstock said...

The third pic sure is a great celebration of our restored freedom!

AOM said...

I agree with Westernstock. Perfect! WOW, Bro. I am still in shock SHOCKED I TELL YOU! : ) I cannot believe this. It sort of helps restore my faith in humanity. I guess we need to coin a new aphorism - Don't get between a person and their porn. And another would be, One person's porn is another person's art! : )

I don't see what we post as being porn - we post about an aspect of life, of being a human being - sex is human - it is part of who we are, and for some to try to block away, run and hide just shows how perverted and misguided they've become. It is a happy day. I feel so much relief. I really do feel like I can go back home. Whew!

Just stunning. I am going to relax and have some fun this weekend after the week THIS has been. I hope you do the same, brother. Have a Bonerific Jizztastic Weekend! Hugs and Strokes. AOM


I still have received no word from Blogger, but am going ahead as though the news is true. Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

Maybe someone DID ask why five times and finally the answer was, but the images ARE legal!! Hooray! Hope springs eternal!

Beware, it may not be over in the future. There are plenty of folks who said on Forums that it was about time! So someone will make it their mission to make trouble... You have the WALL OF SHAME that shows the blogs that have already been taken down!

Anonymous said...

beautiful news and views! love that solid shot on #3 also;)... great looking guys and love the hair
thanks for the great post-love your blogg

Xersex said...

I think this bad case also has a positive side: he taught us how much we love our blogs, those of our readers and commentators, and the interactivity with our comments. All would be sorry to lose both the comments and readers! in a certain way, we are all friends!

Your French Patrick said...

Am I the only one who has noticed the two-faced attitude of Blogger?
But it's the same as regards Tumblr.
Porn without a link of affiliated is a prohibited copyright infringement, and porn with a link of affiliated is a no less prohibited commercial porn.
No porn photo has no owner, and none of them allow to publish one of their photo without being affiliated and having linked the photo to their blog.
It is a schmucks trap.

whkattk said...

I had to delete a comment...The author requested I do a site share with him. I am always happy to do this. However, the site attempted an attack on my computer. I will not put my Faithful Readers at risk.

Should this person come forward with a guarantee his site has been cleaned up, I shall reconsider.

Your French Patrick said...

As regards me, that would have been a not definitive.
Even honest and of good faith, even if he is himself sincerely convinced of the opposite this person can offer under no circumstances sufficient guarantees.
The good rule is quite simple: nobody, never.

Anonymous said...

What the integrity of the web means to me, is perfectly summarized by a comment John Lennon made 35+ years ago. Unfortunately I cannot post the graphic containing the comment, but the comment was: "We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight." In other words, Real Porn isn't what you are viewing here. Real Porn is a crazy man with a big gun murdering 12 people in a movie theater. Real Porn is NOT looking at sexually-explicit photos where nobody is getting hurt and everyone is experiencing great pleasure. -Eddie

Mark Greene said...

What it comes down to is competition. The main reason for the change of heart was they didn't want to lose their customers to the other guys. I wouldn't be surprised if their were a group of conservative bloggers that complained about the "Filth" on blogger and threatened to leave. Blogger probably felt they needed to do something to change the content policy only to realize the ratio of adult content bloggers trumps the ratio of of non- adult content bloggers. Just a thought.
It is rarely about what's right or wrong but about how the business is going to be affected by a certain response.

Business 101 !

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