Monday, February 9, 2015

Brothers Will

A Scheduled Post
While my brother is here, it would be wonderful if we could find the time to enjoy ourselves the way we did when we were young and ultra-horny. We stroked each others cocks as often as we could.
And we spent many terrific times with our buddies jacking and cumming.

That was a great time in my life - one that I think of fondly.
My brother-in-law has three sons. There's a fourteen-year gap between the oldest and youngest. While I agree his oldest son may require his own room, the two younger ones are close enough in age that it shouldn't matter. Ever. Sure, the chances brothers will begin jacking off together increase if they share a bedroom. But separating them is no guarantee they won't.
Truly, there is nothing wrong with brothers enjoying themselves like this - as long as it one is not forcing it upon the other. According to a psychologist acquaintance of mine, brothers stroking cock with one another is extremely common.

It should be accepted by parents - especially Dad, who should remember his own horny youth when hormones went crazy and he spent every possible moment playing with his cock and jacking off. And, perhaps, jacking off with his own brother(s) or buddies.









Xersex said...

I'm an only son, so I have never had such esperiences!!!


My brother was 17 years older than me! By the time I reached puberty he had left home! Thanks for your visit! Much appreciated because of your visitors! Patrick

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, what can I say today if not "Hello, bro!".
Good luck with your brother. In cooking, there are dishes which are better warmed, others which are less good.
We know it only by trying. But that should not spoil the good memories.
Bisous, my dear Pat.

AOM said...

I didn't have a brother, but I have a cousin who is my age. He's the one who taught me how to have fun. Enjoy your family time, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

This makes me wish I had a brother

Anonymous said...

i had a best friend(like a brother)i'd play with his brother (1 yr younger)any time we could sneak away:) good times making each other cum how ever we could

Queer Heaven said...

Like AOM it was a cousin of mine who showed me the wonders of Jerking of. When we were really young, i guess 10 or 12, he showed me all bout sucking dicks also.
We would play these games with each other until we both were well into our teens and he moved to another town.


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