Monday, February 23, 2015

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I put this post together just before getting my Notice of Policy Change restricting access to adult content blogs. Enjoy (French) Patrick's Blog for as long as you are able...
Two of my Blogger Buds have started new blogs. Your French Patrick takes on a Google Blog to augment his one on Tumblr:

And, Artistry of Male Soul Food picks up four Tumblr blogs:

Buddies are so very, very important. We may call them Bro's. But whatever we call them, they're important to our mental well-being. Having a friend you can kick back and have a beer (or other beverage) with and bullshit about anything and everything, just relaxing and chilling out, is essential. It doesn't necessarily mean you pound out a load when you're together.

But, this is the guy - or group of guys - you're comfortable enough to be naked with. Because you all recognize there is no shame in the naked male body.

These are the men who aren't bothered by the sight of a semi-hard cock. Because they all know that BOE's happen all the time. And drooling a bit of pre-cum (even without a boner) is gonna happen. 


These are the guys who don't care if you do pop a huge boner. Because they're aware that every BOE has the possibility of developing into a big log of wood and they can sport them without fear of ridicule.

They are the friends who can admit - openly and proudly - to jacking off; loving it and enjoying it.

This brotherhood is a special one. They can be straight, having a spousal unit or girlfriend. Yet, they'll even stroke out a load with their brothers in plain view, or stroke one another's cocks once in a while.

There are no strings attached, they don't label it in any way. It's just dudes having a good time together, doing what dudes do.

There's another buddy blog on my sidebar run by Caleb. Here's a bro who fully understands all of that and encourages people of all sexual orientations to grasp that concept.

I encourage all of my Faithful Readers to click on over to these blogs. There's true beauty to be found!



As I have explained, I am not sure what I can do or will do. I don't have the necessary experience to switch to something else.

Anonymous said...

love the pre cumming drip of that beautiful colored cock and sack;)i love seeing what others are packing in their pants;)

Justin said...

Yes it's very disappointing but inevitable. I actually started deleting explicit posts from my archive tonight.
It is hard to tell though. Is a naked bum explicit? Is a limp dick explicit? Who knows.
This is just one more step in Google's quest to rule the world and control how we use the internet.
I'll see how it goes. Half of my content is pretty tame but I will miss posting some of the raunchier stuff.
RIP Blogger

Anonymous said...

See and follow you on tumblr.
Google is out and oldfashioned.
Terminate all Google accounts.

Rick Johnson said...

I love the pics of guys bonding nude together and just being so relaxed together with beautiful erections. Growing up as a nudist kid, I loved being nude and hard with my friends, still do!

whkattk said...

@ Rick - It's one of the best ways to spend time with buddies. My days in the military were filled with hanging around naked in the barracks - even taking nude hikes through the desert. Loved it. And I'm still naked as often as possible.


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