Tuesday, February 24, 2015

YOU Have Been Censored

Casual Readers are the ones who lose out with the change in Google Blogger policy.

Bloggers can continue to post - post any words or (legal) images we choose. Bloggers are not being censored - YOU, the reader, are. According to Google an erection is simply too much for you to handle...

I shall be investigating ways to transfer the blog to a more reader-friendly platform - one which does not restrict YOUR free access to the information I post (if such a thing exists anymore).

In the meantime, I encourage all readers to join this blog by utilizing the "Join This Site" function on the sidebar ----->>>>

Welcome to our Brave New World.


Your French Patrick said...

After the fatwa of ayatollah Blogger, sent by the eunuchs of its staff I tried to know what would take place if my blog was private. It will be no more visible by visitors nor by followers. Only by a (probably small) number of invited readers, and these authorizations must be renewed every month.

Xersex said...

just a post about this


Jean said...

I have joined your Blog and encourage all women to join with me in support! Your friend! Jean

mistress maddie said...

Now Whack, I am just now getting wind of this and am utterly confused. Being very computer stupid, does this mean I can not view my favorite adult contented blogs anymore? And from time to time, I have featured male models, but not nude pictures, but you can see some hint of cock in underwear, so I wonder what you happen to my blog? I guess soon there will be now freedom in anything!!!!

surehand56 said...

Google захотел больше эротизма!!!

O!Daddie now at http:odaddie.tumblr.com/ said...

Blogger shut me down more than once and I always managed to rise from the ashes. I finally decided that I was DONE with Blogger and tried TypePad for a while before moving to Tumblr.

Honestly, I had a lot of trouble mastering Tumblr until I discovered that I had learned mqny TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS from Blogger and TypePad. If Tumblr zaps me, I'll go learn something new somewhere else.

Guys, embrace this "brave new world"
and learn how to turn shit into diamonds. If I can do it, anybody can.

AOM said...

Amen O'Daddie. I am doing the same. Started 4 Tumblrs and just started a new Post-Googled AOM Blog on Blogger. I'm trying to stay positive and find solutions. You are right Bro, it is our readers who are being censored. Welcome to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave - until a hard penis arrives then all hell breaks loose. How sad. Wishing you a bonerific day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

See and follow you soon on TUMBLR.
Google is out and oldfashioned.
In turn, quit all google accounts incl. facebook. Are we in need of this Google ? There is sufficient competition on the net.

Justin said...

Blogger rape.

I feel violated by Googles decision.

If I knew how to create what I wanted to, I would be rich.

Then Google would try to buy me out to plaster ADS ADS ADS all over it.

And then censor it.

Mark said...

I enjoy your blog, plus the information that is often delivered. The pics don't hurt either. lol
I am afraid that the recent decision on net neutrality is just going to echo the google decision, but on a much bigger scale.
Soon, whatever power be it left or right, on a whim, will control what is seen on the net here in the US.
Behold, the brave new world? Agreed.

whkattk said...

@ Mark - I think the FCC decision helped push Google to reverse their decision by providing inclusion in the rules "prohibiting discrimination against legal content." Key words: Legal Content...

But your second statement is correct, the right and left will always control to their whim.