Thursday, April 2, 2015

Booze and Boners

During my military days, I had a buddy who had been schtupping our supervisor's wife; using the excuse that he got a "hard-on once in a while."
"You've got hands - use them."
"Why should I do that when I've got someone willing to fuck?"
"You'll get court-martialed, man."
He shrugged, "He's not fucking her, I might as well."
Well, of course, pregnancy resulted and he recruited my assistance in her getting an abortion. If I'd known more back then, there would've been more than one lesson to learn. First, I could've told him I hoped he was getting a hard-on more than just "once in a while."

Second lesson: Booze and boners don't mix.
One beer or drink - maybe even two - for social purposes is fine.
Nobody will argue that (well, hardly any one). A little nip can calm your nerves and take the edge off before jacking off with a buddy for the first time 

or trying to get in someone's pants for the first time can also help,

rather than hurt the rising of your root.
But, excessive drinking kills more boners than you can shake your log at. If you want to retain the ability to get and stay like this


don't drink to excess.


Your French Patrick said...

I drunk to much only one time in my whole life, about fifty years ago.
It was voluntarily, on an experimental basis, and I had friends with me who had accepted to take care of me and who did it very well.
That does not make me an expert, but it is true that being drunk, let alone the fact to succeed, I did not even have the idea of trying to have a boner.
LOL, by your fault I'ld have to try again.
But I prefer to take your word for it.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous to lick something way better than booze.

Xersex said...


happy Easter and please, keep updated here:

AOM said...

Don't Drink and Drive applies! It definitely takes the edge off nerves but also takes the edge off nerve endings. Great images to stiffen my resolve - new name of my hard cock : ) Me and Resolve are busy enjoying the pix you served up. : ) Wishing you a great bonerific day. Hugs and Strokes, bro. AOM


Wonderful images today! Some magnificent erections! I'm tempted to steal a few! No! I won't! Have a great weekend! Happy Easter. Hugs,Patrick

Anonymous said...

you are so right! if i drink too much i cant stay hard for my wife-when i was younger it wasn't as bad-but now if i exercise and stop drinking i stay rock hard(so its true!)dam i like wine and beer ;))i think its god warning us (or me)my family were all drinkers!bty #13 looks like that hole and cock could keep me hard ,he's a good looker and a beautiful body-bet my wife would love 15 and 16 up her(but she can't get knocked uo ;)) bob
happy easter!

storyman3119 said...

My military experience is nothing like yours. I bet you have stopries to tell.

whkattk said...

@ storyman - Yes, yes I do. Some really great experiences. It is true that you bond with your military brothers in a way that cannot compare to any other friendship because you are literally putting your life into their hands.

whkattk said...

@ Lord Patrick - steal away, my liege, steal away.

whkattk said...

@ bob - yep, as we age, the effects of alcohol on out boners only gets worse.


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