Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Oh. My. Aching. Balls.
An email from a Faithful Reader who hails from Brazil asks if it's normal for our nuts to ache after an extended session of jacking off with a buddy. It provided me with the opportunity to address the issue of aching balls.
Yes, any extended sexual arousal will cause our man-berries to ache. Fluid builds up in the area - it is commonly called "Blue Balls." It happens any time we're horny, become aroused over and over again without cumming. Or aroused for an extended period of time and put off ejaculation. It's like being out on that proverbial date, getting a huge boner, and she/he sends you home

with aching balls.
Relief comes from stroking one out.
Now, if, like our Faithful Reader, you've been having an enjoyable mutual session jerking off with a friend - - and it's gone on for a few hours - - add in the jostling and bouncing, massaging and squeezing, the boys take and they get a tiny bit bruised.



Then the Cremaster Muscles engage. It's a very intense ejaculation. The balls yank up hard and fast against the inguinal opening (which is too small to allow them to enter the abdominal cavity - thank God!). This is moving immature sperm into the seminal vesicles, while the other spasms are causing you to shoot and release that pent up load.

The ache can last several hours, or for several days - depending upon how extreme the orgasm was. And the only thing we can do for that is ice them down. In 5 to 10-minute increments, hold a bag of frozen peas (wrapped in a cloth) against them to reduce the swelling. Or prepare yourself an ice bath.


Xersex said...

I think it becomes a problem if the pain lasts so long, after ejaculation!

Thanks for your comment on my posts! Much appreciated!!!!

Your French Patrick said...

You are such a beautiful person, my dear friend, and the world is far more beautiful because you are here for the balls' sake.
I regret only that the world does not limit itself to my bedroom (lol).

Some beautiful photos today, once more.
A French author wrote: "We take photos so that they made us relive happy moments, but in fact they engender only of the nostalgia."

Hope you are doing really well and every thing is going great for you and your wife.
Be safe and be happy my gorgeous Pat. Lots of love and bisous to you.


Ah! Yes! I remember those "Blue Balls"! Great photos as always. Trust all goes well for you at present. Take care. Thanks for your visits, Patrick

AOM said...

You posts make my balls ache! : ) Just thinking of us enjoying our boys together really builds up that wonderful tension. Thanks for the good info. I always learn something new visiting your blog. Thanks for all you do for us, brother. Lovin' and Huggin' and Strokin' you in Spirit, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Great post with great pix!