Thursday, December 22, 2016

If Only

One of the most common places guys begin jacking off is while taking a shower. Many a parent has lamented their son(s) spend too much time taking showers, using up all the hot water. As young guys still living at home it's a favorite place because we think we're doing the deed "undercover."
Another Urban Dictionary definition I found interesting:

Beat it 'til it's cold: To masturbate in the shower until the water runs cold.
Well, I believe most parents know full well what their sons are doing - at least Dad does.


It's just not discussed. Though, their sons would be much more comfortable kicking back on their beds






if only parents gave them explicit permission to engage in such a normal activity without having to hide
And parents would save on power and water bills!


French Patrick said...

"Beat it 'til it's cold." It's better if we don't forget to rinse ourself before that the water is cold to eliminate the soap and the shampoo.
As for me, I don't forget to wish you a wondrous day with a lot of bisous, my LovAmours Pat and Jean.

Patrick said...

Ah! Yes! Finding somewhere to do it! I would often wait on Saturday till my mother went shopping (my father died when I was ten) and do it in front of the mirror so that I could watch myself when I shot my load!

SickoRicko said...

Boy, that brings back memories!

mistress maddie said...

I have always been a bed jacker. I do it in the shower sometimes, but I like to take my time and feel the climax hit my chest.

T said...

I remember when younger in the shower and the uncle in law walked in. I wasnt doing anything but it was all ready up if I wanted to. Tried to hide it by turning around and the shower had mirrors all the way at that height so no chance in hell of hiding that so I just sat down. He saw I was rock hard anyway but it was just the start of a very uncomfortable year. A few more things happened and by summer vacation I never wanted to go on family vacation with them again.That side of the family has a few screws loose.

With the step brother all that stuff never bothered us as we been naked and whacking off around each other heaps of times. Even the grandfather walking in on me having a wank wasnt awkward. Ive walked in on him a few times and nothing was ever awkward. We just saw it as thats what you do with it. The uncle in law though there was just something off about it. Even to this day I dont feel comfortable around him and we all adults. Step brother dont feel comfortable around him either and he not been in that situation with him.

There are just times where you dont feel comfortable with that stuff with another person. Family member or not.

whkattk said...

@ T - You're right - there are certain people that you just know you cannot do that with; they make you uncomfortable in any situation, let alone being naked, boned up, and jacking off.

Fit Studs said...

Oh my... I need a shower ASAP!!! :D
Missed visiting your blog & seeing/reading about these hotties.

Xersex said...

I don't like masturbating while I'm taking a shower!

Tex said...

Sometimes I still masturbate in the shower. It just adds a little variety. By the way, very hot shower guys.