Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whip It Out and...

Of course, the safest sex is masturbation. 


Next down the ladder of safety is mutual.

 Chances are, the majority of us silly humans will never restrict ourselves to simple cock-stroking. Then the least we can do is be informed and prepared. One more thing for the well-equipped guy (or gal) to have in the sex tool box:

Gonorrhea is a fast-growing threat in the U.S and Australia. It is especially spreading among gay and bisexual men. But, not in the way you would expect. Evidently, oral sex is the culprit.
At some time during the HIV-AIDS crisis, it was discovered that blow jobs were considered to be a fairly safe-sex alternative. Now, here comes another infectious thing to spoil the fun.
It appears there is help. According to a report at Huffington Post, Listerine - yes, Listerine, the common mouthwash - is found to kill gonorrhea. So, guys, the next time a hook-up for mutual jack-off turns into suck-fest, 

 or you go looking for some willing dudes at the glory hole, make sure you've got a small bottle of Listerine nearby.
Ladies and straight dudes, the same goes for you. The next time you grab that weekend hook-up (in addition to making sure the condom is securely in place before any penetrative activity) if there's a chance for any oral activity, make sure there's Listerine around.


While long-term trials still need to be done, what would it hurt to whip it out and...gargle?


Xersex said...

I uste listeine every sunday after my sex club, to clean my mouth!

mistress maddie said...

Who know? I have been using Listerine for years! Maybe that's why I never contracted anything. And thanks for that first waiting til I get home to take care of things. I hope your holidays were jolly my friend.

Patrick said...

Good Morning! Going to be our hottest day so far this summer - 37C where I'm living! You are such a wonderful source of information, making sure people have safe sex! Great images too as always! AIDS is also increasing among younger guys here in Sydney (Australia). They seem to think that present day medication is so good that they would rather take the risk and have unprotected sex. I had a friend die last year, the same age as me (81), who had lived with AIDS for years, but the final years of his life were a living hell. In the end his kidneys gave out and he became very aggressive and mentally disturbed. I just watched him deteriorate and could do nothing to help. I simply tried to remain a true friend to the end.

French Patrick said...

"According to a report at Huffington Post, Listerine - yes, Listerine, the common mouthwash - is found to kill gonorrhea."

Yes, but not all, about 48% of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Therefore, "The results are preliminary and — regardless of what future research shows — no one should abandon safer sex practices, try to treat gonorrhea without consulting a doctor, or trade regular STI testing for a bulk order of Listerine. But, if it does turn out that daily use of mouthwash reduces the duration of an untreated infection or the possibility of transmission, then the researchers say that “this readily available, condomless and low-cost intervention may have very significant public health implications.”

Love, Hugs and bisous, Pat and Jean.

SickoRicko said...

Interesting, and... pic #11 brought back some long-forgotten memories.

Jean WM said...

I use Listerine in my Water Pik every day, wonder if that counts 😇 . Hope everyone is getting their New Year's list ready!

whkattk said...

@ Patrick - I'm sorry to hear your friend experienced such a bad end. Yes, all one can do is remain as true as possible. Hugs, my lord!!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Oh, my list is ready. Lot's of things on it which, I'm afraid, the Trumpers won't like. LOL.