Monday, December 26, 2016

Time is of the Essence

I hope everyone had a most wonderful weekend; that your Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations were all you had hoped - filled with the love and laughter of friends and family.
The family of one of my wife's co-workers did not have such a great weekend. Her son spent the weekend in the hospital recovering from surgery.
He’s 17. School is out for the holidays. He calls his step-dad. (His biological father died of prostate cancer years before – at a mighty young age, I might add.) He’s in severe pain and there’s an evident lump on one of his balls. He’s told to put ice on it; it’ll be fine. Day two, he calls again, sobbing. Step-dad leaves work and takes him to Urgent Care. Urgent Care examines him, and calls an ambulance. He’s rushed the hospital where a team is standing at the ready. He’s taken directly into surgery. He comes out of surgery with one ball.
Testicular Torsion, "twisted testicle" happens as a sports injury, but also commonly occurs at night during sleep.
When that happens, it is typically a result of "Bell-clapper syndrome" wherein the Tunica Vaginalis doesn't anchor the testis as it should.
A sign of a twisted nut is a "blue dot" on the sac. This is a sign of the blood supply already cut off and pooling.
But, a twisted ball can be corrected if done soon enough. Get “The Boys” toasty-warm so they hang real low. Sit on a chair and dangle them over the edge of the seat, and gently tap or otherwise massage.
 If it doesn’t release – get to a hospital immediately.
Time is of the essence.

48 hours after, there simply was no way to save this kid's ball. A tragic example of how the "suck it up" machismo is wrong – particularly when there is something wrong with the package. It’s beyond me how a guy could withstand that much pain. I believe most men would’ve experienced nausea and vomiting, and/or passed out.
But, yet another example of why young guys need to learn about what hangs between their legs.

And what normal functioning is. That means a decent force to the stream when you piss.
Waking up with a woody most mornings
Good strong boners
Knowing that not all men produce copious amounts of pre-cum

That when a man cums semen is ejaculated out of the cock.


Jay in Denver said...

Hope all found joy over the holidays and are safe at their destinations.

The subject matter is excellent. This happened me at mid 40's and after I found someone at 2 am that would take this man curled up in pain the emergency department spent no wasted time on getting it figured out and repaired.

After a few hard meds that helped to numb the pain, which the doctor explained that some pain was still going to be felt through the procedure as they needed to know if they are "winding the clock" so to say.

With one small turn in the correct direction the pain level went from a level only found on EXTREME PAIN CHARTS I was able to stop screaming. The pain dropped pretty fast and I was able to go out only next assignment.

In my case I was a honest as a nun when explaining to the doctor as to how this happened, started hurting etc. Everyone in our group here can and should NEVER EVER go through this just to see what it feels like cause I can tell you that I HURTS SO BAD THAT THE SWEARING TURNS TO PRAYERS, and that is true pain.

In my case I twisted one nut while trying to take a metal cock ring off which was already hurting. When I went to far it went too far, and the nut popped out but the pain that I can still remember started at once and over the course of the next 2-3 hours and the fear of doing it again remains with me. Any time you narrow the passage was that all the vessels pass through when using a leather, steels, rubber, what ever you use as a cock ring you are indeed on the very boundary of setting up the ideal conditions for a twisted nut. Tell every male you know and for those of us that have male children make sure this talk comes on early. They see it in a photo or have friends that talk about how more intense it makes jerking off, or how much more sensation it is, or run contests as to how long you can leave it on. Our record when I was in 10th grade was for 24 hours. We all had to show our package every day at gym class and when possible we would try as hard as possible to throw ball, kick or do what ever was possible to hit your buddy in the nuts, off so much more pain, or getting him to have an erection during gym class as there was no way to hide your hard on. Be safe, play and imagine, make up new rules but if those babies start hurting you best get to the doc at once. SPECIAL ADVISE: If you happen to be the guy who has a bruise around where the cock ring was, even if there is no pain that follows that warning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, Having what looks of a bruised ring around your calls and shaft is NOT a badge of honor, something is going wrong and you need to have it looked at, and by someone with a medical degree, having your friends or the football teams manager does not work. SEE THE DOC:

Xersex said...

so sad!

SickoRicko said...

Very sorry for the kid, and very informative post as a result.

T said...

This has happened to friends and myself and through almost the same causes. We were lucky enough that at least one of us knew what to do straight away as it happened but we also know of people stupid enough that have done nothing.

Ours happened through heavy exercise and not wearing underwear. There are times where you can freeball and times where you shouldnt. The balls hang and they start swinging when not strapped in. We have had it happen from star-jumps, squats, bike and running. Massage the balls straight away until the pain has gone and you can stand up.

Now we make sure we all have the right underwear on (no freeballing or loose fit stuff) before activities and massage the nuts after.

Jean WM said...

Lots to be thankful for this year, and thanks Pat for your daily lessons. Hugs and bisous to all. French Patrick try my dental floss for emergency eyeglass repair - it works!

whkattk said...

@ Jay - Thank you for expounding on your experience. Yep, those cock rings can add sensation, they can help a cock stay hard - but they need to be put on, worn, and removed with caution. I'm glad you found someone to get you to an ER, and that the doctor was smart enough to figure out what needed to be done so you wouldn't lose the nut.

whkattk said...

@ T - Yep! When heavy exercise is expected, or a sport where much jostling of the balls may take place, one should wear briefs or a jockstrap. The jock doesn't need to be tight, it just needs to provide some support for the balls.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the informative