Friday, December 30, 2016

Resolutions to Keep

No big lessons today (I hear a sigh of relief from you all; LOL). As we head into the new year, remember to make yourself only promises you can keep.
Get that annual physical which includes a breast, prostate, and a ball exam.


Do your ball check on the 15th of each month.
Send Buddy Ball Check reminders to the best of your ability.
Pay attention to those boners. They are signals to your overall health.
Protect those boners, and always sleep naked.
In addition to any partner sex, masturbate at least twice per week. It's good for your mental and physical health.
Find plenty of "Me time" where you can slowly explore and rediscover your body, and appreciate the pleasure it is capable of giving you.

Remember that the vast majority of mankind is Sexually Fluid; capable of enjoying sexual activity with both genders. Don't cheat yourself due to some irrational fear of being labeled.

Spend the entire day naked once in a while.
If you party tomorrow night with friends, have fun - but, do so safely.
As we kick 2016 off the cliff
may 2017 treat us all much better.
Happy New Year


Xersex said...

hope for all of us a better 2017!

RockHard said...

Twice a week? That's it? Twice a day isn't unusual for me. It comes from an unusually high libido for my age. At 76 it's as hard as when I was a kid. Wife doesn't want it so what choice do I have? I asked her a few years back about a jack off bud. She agreed. Next morning she said she'd changed her mind. I'd never cheat on her no matter the circumstances.

Patrick said...

Another year of great information to every guy that visits your blog! And, of course, another year of wonderful images! Hugs! The Old Lord!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific suggestions! Have a Very Happy New Year!

French Patrick said...

A subject which I do not remember that you evoked it: I read that the sleep apnea causes a reduced sex drive.
As for me, one resolution well chosen being better than several resolutions half-hearted without follow-through, I take the resolution to dedicate 2017 to the choice of a resolution for 2018. Speeding up is not the same as rushing.
But I can wish you at once a wondrous year 2017, my very dear Pat and Jean, with lots of bisous. Be happy yourself, and that will make me happy.

French Patrick said...

Postscript: The website BeautifulMag said goodbye to 2016 in an original way, and I do recommend you to read it @:
Although if I don't agree with George Michael on a point: it is easy to love when we know friends such as Jean, yourself, and obviously my Christopher.

whkattk said...

@ Rock Hard - Twice per week ***in addition*** to partner sex. if there is no willing partner, by all means jack off as often as you want.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon cheri, I agree with you! It is with great anticipation that many of us here look forward to 2018 and the chance to boot the right-wing christian conservative and tea party nut jobs right out of their political positions.

Historical facts are apparently lost on those fools. This country and economy has, historically, done better both socially and economically under the dems. One need only look at the growth in GDP, jobs, and stability to know this.

SteveXS said...

Always great advice! Wishes for a much happier, much healthier, much SANER new year!

"Remember that the vast majority of mankind is Sexually Fluid...Don't cheat yourself due to some irrational fear of being labeled.