Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Know Your Stuff

Typical of us all, isn't it? We don't inform ourselves until something happens. The other half of yesterday's post is this conversation between the co-worker and my wife:

Once her son was resting comfortably, she and her husband (the step-dad) go home, and she says to him: "Tell him [the son] to stop playing with his balls."

To which my wife, God bless her, replied: "Absolutely not. You tell him to keep playing with his balls."

Aghast, the woman asks why.

My wife explains the need for young men to know their equipment. Then starts giving this co-worker stats on Testicular Cancer. Coupled with the kid's biological father dying from Prostate Cancer at such an early age, it's even more important her son knows his body - cancer runs in his male ancestry. She quoted some incorrect numbers, but still...she did the right thing. 

Co-worker then says: "I didn't know."
The twisted nut could've happened in a completely innocent way and I'm surprised the surgeon didn't explain that. As two Faithful Readers pointed out in comments to yesterday's post: Don't freeball during sports or heavy exercise where the balls could be jostled a lot.

Or, when using equipment that could snap back and damage the package.
Wear briefs or a jockstrap to give The Boys some support.
A jock doesn't need to be so tight it scrunches things, it just needs to keep the balls from swinging around too much.
Be careful when putting on, wearing, or removing a cock ring.

 I hope when the kid goes in for follow-up care a doctor recommends tests to ensure the other testicle is in good shape, 
that its anchor is there and properly formed.

So they'll know if the other testicle is in danger of the same issue.
Know your stuff, folks.

Then swallow that embarrassment and tell your sons to get to know theirs.


SickoRicko said...

As informative as ever!

Xersex said...

very interesting as usual!

thanks for your comment here


Patrick said...

Wonderful advice as always! Trust things are going well for you at present!

Jean WM said...

Yes Pat, guys need to be aware and not surprised if this happens to them. Quick action is key since Some wouldn't even know what was happening. Hugs and bisous.