Tuesday, August 8, 2017


So many terrific responses. Faithful Reader Jean's comment prompts this post.

"I read with interest the responses from Friday about the couple where the wife was refusing sex with her husband. Do male, gay couples ever have the same issue? It seemed from some of the responses that they don't or did I misunderstand." 

My initial reaction is to say, "No." Though, I know gay couples have relationship issues the same as straights. But, as a male, they would know and understand the need for release, so therefore I don't think gay men are as inclined to deny sexual activity.




Nor, I think, would they have a negative response to a partner masturbating.







Patrick said...

Rather than being upset by one's partner masturbating, especially if he found his partner doing it, he would most probably join in or even fall on his knees and suck him off!!!

AOM said...

Seems like years ago that I chatted with a reader who did have an issue with masturbation when he was in relationship - like saving up for his partner - I've never had an issue like that but I'm sure there are those who do - probably not many though. Thanks for a great post. Wishing you a beautiful day, brother. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

T said...

Japan has a thing called sex-less marriages. A few parts of Asia do too. In Korea you got a similar thing with beard/handbag relationships where you marry the opposite sex but have sexual relations with same sex and everyone is happy in that arrangement.

Ive been in relationships where Ive had little to no sexual interest in the other person. Everything else was there except for that. When in those relationships I never went in to them thinking not a chance in hell we having sex but would see if those feelings would grow. Unless the other person is open to that then the relationship ends. Ive been in them where you just play along or go through it just to get it over and done with to shut them up about it. When sex has happened through that way its crap. Its like a chore. Not enjoyable. Now I dont let the relationship get to that point. I wait a certain time and if I still dont feel that towards the other person I end it.

A straight person would probably call it friend zoning where you dont see a relationship going sexual.

SickoRicko said...

I agree with your observations.