Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's A Myth

It's a total myth that men are horny 100% of the time. It's only 99%. LOL. Jean has sent a link to a very interesting article from the UK Daily Mail about women's low libido. (Why is it that our papers here in the US don't write about these things on a regular basis?) And, ironically, those same symptoms are what causes guys to lose interest, too.

Lose interest in sex? Men? Yes, we do. It's okay to admit it. We should admit it. It's to our benefit to admit it. Let go of that machismo attitude and say it. We go through life changes and challenges that can totally affect our interest in sex. Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams describes low libido as a "lack of spontaneous desire for sex" that includes masturbation.

Her eight reasons are: Repressed sexuality (upbringing); low body confidence (low self-esteem in appearance); previous trauma or bad sexual experience (molestation, or a really bad early experience); painful sex (overly sensitive glans, or testicular pain during ejaculation); low testosterone; underlying medical issues (remember boners are our barometer); stress and being "too busy" (self-explanatory); lack of trust (we have lost trust in our partner(s).


Each and every one of those can (and do) cause a low sex drive in anyone - man or woman. There are no resolutions offered in her article. But suffice it to say that a lack of interest is a health issue - whether mental or physical - and you should see your doctor.
Speak openly, frankly, and work together to solve the problem. 

Then get back on that horse, whatever your preference for release.





AOM said...

Great information - things we all need to know. I really appreciate all you do for me and for all of us. I wish you a delicious bonerific day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

Can you imagine a football match at the end of which the referee would say that your favorite football team won, then the next day that the winners are their opponent, then the next day that both won, then the next day that both lost?

Does that evoke something for you? A case in which the arbitrator is all the more inexcusable that both the existence and the fight of one of the two opponents are unconstitutional. And also absurd because there is only a single human race. We were forgivable to believe the contrary in the past, but fortunately since the science made progresses. Now, we know that two individuals of different races cannot reproduce, except rare exceptions in which their mating will give a sexually impotent descendant.

Fortunately, my darlings Jean and Pat, the football referees do not judge on political criteria, what allows me to wish you a great day with lots of bisous.

Patrick said...

You can add another reason "botched prostate surgery (TURP)"! As happened with me. That plus age (83) seems to be the cause of my loss of all sexual drive. Best of luck in your fight with North Korea! Guam is very close to Australia!!!

whkattk said...

@ Patrick - Well, now that the Cheeto has moved on to other targets, that situation has taken a powder. At least for the time being; this guy is so unstable, one never knows.

Jean WM said...

Thanks French Patrick, we really should know better. This is not rocket science. I hope you young guys are paying attention to what Au Patrick is saying - what you take for granted may be gone one day.

Love is all we need.

Gabriel said...

I always enjoy your factual finds. The visuals are quite nice too!

whkattk said...

@ Gabriel - Thanks, buddy!

SteveXS said...

With all the craziness around the world, here at home, and in the Very White House, it's a pleasure and a relief to read about subjects like this!