Wednesday, August 23, 2017

For Best Results

Some interesting - if (at first) confusing - reporting by Dr's Oz and Roizen about the fertility health of balls. Upon a first read, you mistakenly think that noise over 55 decibels (dBs) damages The Boys ability to produce healthy swimmers. They report on an Insurance Industry study (but don't specifically cite it) done on 200,000 men who are exposed to 55 dBs on a regular basis, based on place of residency.
Upon a second read, it becomes clear the problem isn't that your balls go deaf - 
it's messed-up sleep patterns which are the real culprit.

Leading one (well, me, anyway) to believe that anything which keeps us from getting a good night's sleep is detrimental to our man-berries. Anxiety and stress, for instance.

For noise disturbance, the good doctors recommend:
"1. Download a smartphone decibel checker; test nighttime sound levels in your bedroom.
2. Check if digital devices or appliances in your home exceed 55 dBs. If they do, turn them down (or off), or trade them in for quieter models.
3. Install double- or triple-pane windows; seal window frames with stripping. Use double-hung, extra-heavy curtain fabric.
4. Sleep with earplugs. (Discard foam plugs daily, and clean reusable plugs regularly.)"
For stress and anxiety, even Oz and Roizen have prescribed exercise and...a man's favorite stress reducer: Sex. Partnered or alone, it typically takes the mind off other things.

The resultant orgasm will relieve all that tension, enabling you to drift off to Slumberland.
For best results, don't spend time tossing and turning, or grumbling and punching the pillow. Just go right to the solution.


Xersex said...

about not healthy swimmers, some newspapers in Italy and in Europe wrote some news: the health cof swimmers has decreased in the last 40 years.

A French Patrick said...

We have all seen the movie "The Wizard of Oz". Then, a Wizard, maybe, but a doctor ... I'm skeptical on this first point.
There is also the Dr Roizen, but anyway, as they are only mindlessly repeating something that they have read...
54,99 dBs = nothing; 55,00 dBs my balls go deaf; 55,01db my balls go death.
The noise of a fly who steals, and we find ourselves in the superior category?
More seriously, without any sycophancy, I agree with your opinion which is much more reasonable and much more credible.
I hope that you savor the rarity of this opinion, and that that will help you to enjoy the good day which I wish you with many bisous, as well as for our adorable Jean.

mistress maddie said...

While I'm still away, you can believe I have not been getting much sleep here in P-town, but the sleep I do get in like a baby, wink! ....but in a good way!!! At home, the Casa is so quite at night you'd think it's a morgue.

See you soon.

Jean WM said...

So the question I have, is it better to wake up with an orgasm or go to sleep with one. Life's mysteries, but Pat you have done a great job teaching us about everything, AOM about weenie eclipses and French Patrick about global warming. Hugs and bisous.

A French Patrick said...

I wrote "The noise of a fly who steals", read "The noise of a fly which flies".
In French, we have the same word, "voler", for to fly and to steal. I am sorry, I know that it's hardly an explanation but not an excuse. I should reread from time to time.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Now that there is a great question. One I shall pose to readers.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Yep, those reports are accurate - the overall health of sperm has declined - and continues to do so. Yet, to know knowledge, no one can determine the exact cause; is it environmental (general pollution) or foods (too many additives, pesticides)....

Anonymous said...

Skeptics actually call him the Wizard of Oz. Basically medicine is about maintenance, but ever since Dean Edell was replaced by Mehmet Oz as the unofficial "America's doctor", you've had all this alternawoo. So, he advocates colon cleansing, detox diets, circumcision, chiropractic, naturopathy (because someone decided what homeopathy really needed was a dumber name), reiki (laying of hands, his wife does it), and dietary supplements (i.e., drugs we don't regulate as drugs), while earning of the fictional dangers of vaccines. From the queen of believe anything, Oprah.

That said, adequate sleep is necessary for the testosterone cycle. (Actually, I'm Lakota. We associate the moon with women because periods and the sun with men because morning wood.)