Friday, August 18, 2017

What to Say

Here's a new one for you all to chew on. 'Cause I really don't quite know what to say about this....

"I've read your blog for a while now and about how to handle it when a son finds you choking the chicken. I think I could handle that. But, what do you tell a young daughter? The other night when I got home from work I told my wife I needed to lay down and get rid of a massive tension headache. She was supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids. From reading your blog (thank you by the way), I knew jerking off would help me relieve the headache.

I was on the bed with my pants around my ankles and stroking a decent hard-on and hear this little voice ask me what I was doing? How long had she been there? I don't know. I jumped off the bed, trying to stuff my boner back into my pants and yelling for my wife to come and get the kid. Needless to say, it was a pretty tense situation and I was grumpy and grouchy all evening. Well,until she put the kids to bed and gave me a nice long, satisfying blow job.

Seriously, we need to know how to explain this, because even my wife is at a loss for words on this and she's a pretty savvy woman. How do you explain what Daddy was doing?"

Well, the only thing I can come up with is: This is something older boys - or "big boys" - do. When they don't feel well, it helps them feel better.









Other than that, you've got me. So, folks...
What do you tell a young daughter?


AOM said...

I like your answer - when kids are at an age to understand, their parents really need to teach them about sexuality - so they understand how normal and natural all aspects of sex are. Great to hear of your paying forward story - so glad you had some relief. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

I have absolutely no idea!

So pleased to hear that the "capsules" are helping. We are still waiting for government approval for medicinal use down here! Will your doctor give you access to these capsules? Terrible and destructive winds here again today. Trust your weekend is a pain-free one!

Jean WM said...

I've learned that your reaction is often more important than what you say. If you are embarrassed or shamed, that comes through loud and clear. Kids often just don't register what adults are doing. Also kids (and adults) frequently have long forgotten, while you are still chewing on the incident. And we all remember things that suddenly make sense as adults and we aren't horribly traumatized. So just relax. Everybody learns to LOCK THE DOOR the hard way!

Happy weekend. Solar Eclipse on Monday and we get about 88%! That I will remember! Hugs and bisous, Pat and French Patrick.

Steve said...

I don't have actual experience since nothing like that has ever happened to me, thank God. Nevertheless, having raised a large family I have an opinion.

Assuming that the child is about age 3, I think that all that needs to be said is, "Relieving stress." It's not necessary to go into detail. Presumably she noticed that Daddy has parts that she doesn't have. But all kids will confront that reality sooner or later. If he gets hit with repeated questions, there's nothing wrong with saying that this is Daddy's private business and nothing she needs to know about now.

André said...

This guy is not yet fit to be a father. 1) An adult in need would lock his door. 2) In case of a mishap, he could clear up the situation with a burst of laughter and tell a fairy tale to distract his little girl's attention. 3) And not make his family's life a misery by being in a sore mood.
Last but not least: this man does not feel comfortable masturbating.

T said...

The same thing you would tell a boy depending on their age. Why should a girl be any different? She will find out about that at some stage anyway when they get older. Depending on age, both parents sit her down and talk about what happened. If all kids are old enough then sit them all down.

If the agenda is awareness of the male body why should it matter who learns about it?

If awareness and getting rid of the negative stigma attached to a penis is the goal but still giving that shroud of mystery and guilt when it comes to the opposite sex the message is pointless.

SickoRicko said...

I think what you came up with is just fine.

SteveXS said...

"Daddy was scratching an itch" followed by a mild memory charm. What he should have done in the beginning was be sure the door was locked. The kid might forget, the dad never will.

Artistjsudler said...

Remember how you as and adult react will shape how your child will react as they grow up. Relaxed with a "no big deal" attitude and saying Dad needs some quiet, alone time will satisfy most kids, especially if the kids are already used to seeing their parents without clothes in the bedroom or bathroom. A good friend of mine has raised his kids, from when they were very little, by coming in naked and tucking them in bed. The kids have associated his nudity with sleep time (or being completely relaxed when we've been in pool or hot tub) . One time his little girl asked him why his penis was so wrinkly and he just laughed and said "that's how I was made." I asked him if the kids had ever walked in on him and his wife and he said they had been lucky in that aspect but that he wasn't overly worried because he felt he was presenting a healthy body image to them. I know his older boy (14) seems completely at ease around his dad. Attitude is everything.

Xersex said...

off topic! cummed back!
sorry but I can't cmment every post you published during my vacances!

Adam said...

I can't tell if your previous commenter, Andre, is joking. If not, it's harsh and critical in ways that are not helpful. I appreciate your answer, Whacker, and commenter Jean takes a practical and thoughtful approach. There's no need for guilt or shame around this. Girls do need to learn that men need private time, and moms and dads need to take care of stress...sometimes together, sometimes alone. But answers should be given to the daughter's questions on the level she is ready to handle. Simple answers are best, then see if there are any further questions. Likely not.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - good answer! Lock the door. I didn't think of that - I don't have locks on the bedroom doors....

Apparently, we're going to have a cloud-covered day here. No eclipse watching here.

Gabriel said...

I think your response was excellent.

mystrokesofgenius Tim Hunter said...! If the "big boys" answer (which is actually stellar) doesn't come to mind in the moment, maybe: Oh, sweetie, Daddy bumped into whatever and hurt himself. Just got to rub it til it feels better.

ha! I see itch has been used as well. Seriously, at that age, any answer could do. What counts most is in your attitude.

Some of these responses are just damn excellent.