Thursday, October 12, 2017

How Timely

With my latest request for contributions to my timely that the newest episode of Law and Order: SVU should be about a man whose balls are cut off by a former student whom he'd raped years before. Olivia, the policewoman in charge of the department, talks to the man's wife about adoption. The wife responds with, " would only be a constant reminder of the night he wasn't a man anymore."


Losing the balls means one is no longer a man? Really? How many men have lost both nuts to cancer? Does that mean they are no longer men? Too many people still equate our functioning parts,


or even having those parts at all, to "being a man." 


Even many men feel this way. Our parts are such an integral sense of ourselves that soldiers who've lost all (or part) of their genitals in battle go through an intense emotional trauma. Field medics and military emergency physicians have reported that the first thing injured soldiers ask is, "What about my dick?"

That is why I'm doing The Manhood Project; to help dispel that type of thinking. I'm asking for an essay (700-1,000 words) on what you believe it means to be a man, and a photo like this

If you'd like to contribute to this, email me at
I'll send you the PDF with instructions.


Xersex said...

glad I have given my contribute!

Patrick said...

Very good! Really like what you have written as well as the great photos. It made me reflect. Since the second surgery on my prostate, as you know, I am unable to get an erection, or ejaculate, but I have never thought of myself as being any less of a "man"!

The ankle/foot is healing, but still much pain. They tell me that's good as it shows that things are healing in there! Beautiful Spring morning here. Yesterday our warmest day so far this Spring!

A French Patrick said...

The answer of this lady is a masterpiece of stupidity. An ideal for DJT who is though an indisputable master of this... art form. Or what make him jealous. You enumerated other cases in which a man does not cease to be a man for that, but as for me, I would have liked asking her if an ablation of breasts consecutive to a cancer would have made her cease to be a woman. In her defense, I think that she confused what is a man with what is a stallion. And also that there are men who, alas, wrongly think like her.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

I thought thinking you were a man was a brain function. Women go through the same anxiety over breast or uterus removal.

So if you aren't a man or a woman, what are you? I am sure both are traumatized, and the hormone changes can wreak havoc with your brain, so are they suffering a loss and this is the only way they know how to express it?

Hugs and bisous.

SickoRicko said...

When I was a young adult, a woman I worked with told me about a man she knew who had been castrated in a horrible assault. The cow went on to say that he was now no good to anyone because he couldn't sire children.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - You are correct; it is an initial reaction to the loss. Eventually, I think, the thing is accepted but the sense of something missing remains. Unless, of course, prosthesis is possible; then the sense of not being whole recedes a bit further.

whkattk said...

@ Rick - Isn't that senseless stupidity? No testicles doesn't diminish what he can contribute to society. My gosh, what would she say of a man who has testicles but is sterile?

Gregory Dewbery said...

Men can also lose fertility through diseases such as the mumps. I had them just as I entered puberty and so I have never had the opportunity to contribute to the gene pool (so to speak). There is a strong tendency in our culture to not discuss men's reproductive health until it is too late. Whenever people such as you raise the issue, lives are saved! It is that important.

whkattk said...

@ Gregory - Yep. I have no swimmers for exactly that same reason - though my case of Mumps happened before I started school. Then, just to double down and make sure by balls wouldn't produce anything, Nature hit me with Scarlet Fever.
I hope I've helped people toward a better understanding in the male reproductive system.

Anonymous said...

So, maybe we should start a show. Call it The Penis Soliloquies, or something.