Thursday, October 19, 2017

11 Million Men

Our cocks can get us into trouble.... Some startling new numbers are emerging in the HPV-related cancers. Approximately 3 million women have now been diagnosed with cervical cancers linked to HPV.
And - here's the kicker: 11 million men have been diagnosed with neck, mouth, and throat cancers which have been also been linked to the virus.
This is a virus which can linger, without symptoms for decades. It can be transferred by kissing. It can be shared through oral sex.

It's believed that cases showing up now are due to the rise in oral sex during the 80s and 90s. As I've written before (Whip It Out), rinsing the mouth with Listerine - the mouthwash that kills 99.9% of bacteria - immediately after can help.
Photo Credit - The Lady Looks Up
But, this can be avoided for the generation now coming to maturity. For a number of years now, Gardisil has been recommended for girls. In the last two or three years, there has been a push for boys to be vaccinated as well. These latest numbers prove the need for it. Folks, if you have sons - get them vaccinated.
'Cause it doesn't matter if your sons are deep kissing, eating pussy, or sucking cock,




the HPV virus can get them.


Xersex said...

love the circle #4

Anonymous said...

Dad, are you listening? It's past time for me and K - R

SickoRicko said...

Good advice everyone should follow!

Patrick said...

Great again! Both teenage girls and boys get the injection in our State which is good. Rain promised for today here, while in the north of the country they are having floods! Results of yesterday's test next week.

A French Patrick said...

"Which can linger, without symptoms for decades", you are right, but we can request tests of detection. In the slightest doubt, and, in the absence of doubt, at regular intervals of time, neither too frequent nor too much rare, on doctor's advice.

As I said it to AOM, I do not linger because today I dedicated a lot of time for signing the provisional sale agreement of my former apartment from which I left to live with my son after the flood of my city, of which you remember maybe.

Now, there's (nearly) nothing to do but wait. But I refuse to wait for renewing the bisous that I send you, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Mark Greene said...

one of the many reasons I don't hook up like before. Not to mention its just better with the one partner I love. Just too much going around out there.

Jean WM said...

The young boys I know are getting the vaccine. Thanks for the info. Hugs and bisous dear Pat and French Patrick.

mistress maddie said...

This is also a good reminder why it's good to get a yearly check up in general. Get yourself and the goods checked!!!

Gabriel said...

Great information and advice.

Anonymous said...

@ R - It shall be done! Dad

Anonymous said...

If only our president weren't an antivax dipshit.

Let me say, if you can get a vaccine, get it. I remember before the chickenpox vaccine. Fever, pockmarks everywhere (including under my waist band). Just, get a shot. Protect yourself, and those who can't get a shot.

And older generations for to enjoy says home from school with measles, smallpox, mumps, whooping cough, some potentially deadly strains of influenza, hepatitis, basically a bunch of things that will ��kiiiiiill youuuuuu��. (Did I just become HCBaileu for a second?)