Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And Because...

...a Faithful Reader asked (anonymously) in the comment section of the Pec Cancer Awareness Month post, I went in search of exactly what we need to do. Here are 3 links:

This one is a text and graphic driven link and you should read this - even though we all know you're going to hit the YouTube videos first!

This one has a doctor do one on the guy:

You'll have fun with this one:
And doing the pec exam is just as important as doing a Ball Check!


Fluffy33 said...

Hi, thanks for posting these links - the last one is a hoot! - they make it clear about what to do, and what you're looking for.

It's good to know as my Mother had breast cancer a few years ago, but it's still quite a difficult subject for me to bring up.

Thank you.

whkattk said...

@ Fluffy33 - It's a tough subject, for sure. Since your mom had breast cancer, it is even more important that you check yourself. Thanks for commenting!