Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've got some costume suggestions for you all. Or, if you're staying home to hand out candy, perhaps you'll get some Trick or Treaters who look like this:

Or, you may decide to give everyone a Trick and hand out candy dressed like this guy.

Of course, you could opt to stay home alone like this guy:
Whatever you do, don't imbibe too heavily and get sick.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!


becca said...

have a happy Halloween

whkattk said...

Thanks, becca! You too! And it's good to have you back again!!!

O!Daddie said...

some really good ones... If I pull #3's chain, will his cock light up?

saving all of these in my "halloween" folder to recycle next year.. may there be a next year for all of us.


Well! I just wish some of these, or even one of these had knocked on my door last night!

AOM said...

LOL Super post and great advice. Love it. Cheers, AOM