Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rings for Your...

We all know how a cock ring can enhance our experience; making our cocks harder and keep them that way for a longer period of time... But have you tried a ring for your Thumb?

That pic I posted yesterday (and repeated today for this post) reminded me about the real use of thumb rings. They aren't just for decoration... Not for us guys anyway.

It was several years ago that my brother-in-law and his family were over for a bbq and swim. He had a thumb ring on and I asked him why he wore it. He answered without hesitation, "I just like the way it looks." But there was a quirky smile on his face. Later on, while we were in the pool he asked me if I wanted to know the real reason he had it. Well, duh!!

"It feels so fuckin' good on the head of my cock when I jack off. It bumps over the ridge in both directions and adds a lot to the stimulation. You should get one."

Well, I didn't think too much about it - though the idea intrigued me. Two months later, for my birthday, my wife gave me a thumb ring. And I tried it. And I liked it. I mean, I really liked it! I don't utilize it every time I whack off, but I sure enjoy it when I do. It's amazing that it's positioned perfectly to rub against the cockhead and that little "pop" over the ridge is exquisite! Get one and give it a try when you next spend time on yourself...

Rings: They aren't just for your cock anymore. Oh, wait... Yes, they are for your cock!

And, it could add quite a bit of pop to your 'parting shot'!


becca said...

hey long time so visit been busy hope all is well with you sweetie as for a thumb ring maybe i should get hubby one for Christmas

whkattk said...

Hi becca!!! It's so good to see you back again. We've missed you around here... I visit your site on a regular basis - I just don't follow under this identity! I wouldn't want to lead unsuspecting followers here... ;-)

Giving your hubby a thumb ring for Christmas would be a nice, personal gift he could enjoy for many, many years!

Amanda said...

You know, I never thought about this, but it makes sense! They say something similar is the real reason for tongue rings as well, but I'm not going to get into that one... :-P

I'm going to have to try it tonight for the boyfriend (he's not much of a jacker, no matter how much I try to convince him that I enjoy watching ;) ), I think he's going to like it!

whkattk said...

Good to see you here Amanda! I hope your boyfriend enjoyed the sensations! Drop me an email and let me know how he reacted!