Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Need to Get It Off

I just have to get this off my chest and out of my head. I have been so haunted by a comment that was left on my post Fall in Love With Your Cock (All Over Again), I haven't been able to forget about it. The post, of course, was meant as an exercise for men to get back to full enjoyment and complete self-satisfaction.

Anonymous left the following comment: "I still hate mine." I left a reply comment asking the poster to email me or leave a response comment. I wanted to help this guy so badly! Is it possible to love cock, but not your own? I mean, even being saddled with Micropenis I'd think you'd still be able to love it for the pleasure it can bring. Or being hung so huge potential partners run, it would still be possible to love it. (It's true guys! - humongous, monster meat isn't all it's cracked up to be; John Holmes said he had a lot of difficulty in getting women to have sex once they saw how large his cock was.)

But, as I thought and thought, it finally occured to me: Perhaps this person is transgender; a woman positively trapped in a man's body. To have a cock and hate it, it's the only thing which makes sense to me.

I feel badly for people - men or women - who feel trapped and see no way out. There is help out there, unfortunately one must have the financial means to access that help. So, all I can say to you, Anonymous, is: I pray you find the solution and peace you need.

The photos below don't represent this post because I can't think of any that would fit a post such as this. So, instead, I've used some from my Artistry collection; pictures I find to represent erotic beauty.




Westernstock said...

Religious formation could be at the back of that hatred. I love your pics of erotic beauty.

Fluffy33 said...

I went through a stage of hating my penis.

Towards the end of my only relationship/romance/dalliance(call it what you will), I started cumming prematurely. And I partially blamed my penis.

I kept trying to make it work "right" even to the point of causing my penis pain in an attempt to re-educate it, and wanting a circumcision to reduce its sensitivity.

Nothing worked, but it was around then that I discovered the internet, and all the searches and sites I found helped me and now I'm OK.

Perhaps "Anonymous" has a physical problem he needs help with. Coming to this site is probably a good start.

AOM said...

I often think while I am jacking off or feeling randy running around commando how much I love my dick. I remember when I first discovered how good he made me feel thinking, wow! I have a new friend right next to my pocket! LOL I wish for all that they love their penis. I've had a wonderful lifelong love affair with mine. Cheers, AOM

whkattk said...

@ Westernstock & Fluffy33 - I considered those things as well... Whatever his reason(s), I hope he finds peace and comes to terms with it.

O!Daddie said...

We cant all look like models or be hung like porn stars. I'm kind of made up of spare parts and had no self-confidence until I discovered that I was considered to be a fairly exceptional lover. Why? Maybe because I made an extra effort to ensure that my partners left our encounters as happy campers. It truly is 'not what u got but how u use it.'

By the time I met my True Love, I was confident in myself that I would be the best he ever had. Consequently, I was and strive to remain so. It's win-win because although he's no porn star either, he's able to take me places I never thought I'd get to. ;>)~