Thursday, October 18, 2012


I spoke too soon.

But, no, give credit where credit is due...and where correction is needed, well... Exactly a week after giving Dear Abby props, she blew it. And I must whip her with a stiff dick!

Yesterday's lead letter was from a step-mom whose teen step-son has been "caught" several times engaging in unprotected sex. Her husband, the father of said offender, refuses to step up to the plate. Abby's answer only chided the dad and suggested this woman warn her husband he'll be a very young grandfather if his son continues on this path - not to mention the risk of STD's.

Well, my answer would've been: "Listen, lady! If your husband is too much of a wuss to discuss these issues with his son, YOU must do it. This young man deserves to have an adult conversation with an adult who will gently, lovingly explain the risks he is taking on. Yes, it may be a difficult discussion to begin. Yes, the young man may turn fire-engine red. But if he's old enough to be sexually active, he's old enough to have a frank discussion. Treat him like the young adult he thinks he is. Explain his options - which include solo and mutual masturbation to relieve the natural urges. And at the end of the discussion, hand him a box of condoms."

That would've been my answer in a daily newspaper. It's unfortunate that "buy him some lube and a couple cum towels, point him in the direction of his bedroom, and tell him to take his boner in hand and jack off." couldn't be printed.

I have a cousin who got pregnant at 15, became a grandmother at 33 and a great-grandmother at 53. Granted, she just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary, but not all teen pregnancies turn out so auspiciously.

But, shame on that woman's husband. His son needs a real father - one who isn't afraid to take his son, tell him that, yes, his cock is there for him to enjoy, and show him how to take care of a raging hard boner.


Mikal Mari said...

I totally agree. More people should be asking Dan Savage these questions instead of Dear Abby.

By the way - how old is your cousin now? The thought that she just celebrated her 50th Wedding anniversary, yet because a great-great-grandmother at 53 is boggling my brain! ha ha

keep up the great work and blog.

Westernstock said...

Last pic is great. men being men together, consciously!

whkattk said...

@ Mikal - She's 65 now - BTW, she's only ONE "great". LOL!!
Thanks for the props on the blog - I appreciate comments.

Queer Heaven said...

Good post. My sister's husband would not talk to their son about just this subject. I stepped in and had the "talk" with my nephew.

whkattk said...

@ QH - Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!! It takes a real man to step up to that plate