Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Respect

I sat down in the family room and the wife was watching the RH of New Jersey Reunion and their husbands were on. I had to laugh - and found a new respect (sort of, anyway) for two of the husbands - Richie & Joe, I think the names are. Joe because he said he loves to be naked and when the host said something about him maybe being gay, and though he's not gay Joe says, he loves gay guys! Now that a man comfortable in his own skin and secure in his sexuality.

Anyway, the host read a question from an index card. Apparently, this whole family went on a "camping" vacation. (The quotes are because riding around in a luxury motorhome is not camping!) So, evidently, during the trip, this Richie would wake up with a boner to beat the band and not only was he not ashamed of it, he wagged (in briefs) it in front of his kids. So the hosts, question was, did Richie think this was appropriate (or something along those lines). Richie's response was, "I got nothing to be ashamed of. It's natural and normal. Besides, I told my kids, "How do you think you all got here in the first place?"

Bravo to these guys! They're helpingto dispell the idea that the male body is lewd or disgusting and should be hidden from view.


Queer Heaven said...

Well, I do agree it is cool to see these men are not ashamed of their bodies. But... Playing with your dick in front of the children? Not too sure about that one.

Westernstock said...

Good to hear anything working to dispel the idea that the cock is disgusting, dirty or to be kept hidden.

whkattk said...

@ QH - Nah, he just kinda waggled (twisted his body back and forth a couple times) with his boner tenting the front of his boxers. So, it wasn't grossly inappropriate.

whkattk said...

@ Westernstock - Amen!