Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cum Clean-up

Here's one I haven't covered in a long time: Clean up.

In reading other blogs, forums, and bulletin boards it always interests me when a guy posts that he uses tissues. Really? My experience has always been that any kind of tissue - toilet or kleenex - just falls apart when trying to clean up the spooge from a good session. 'Cause let's face it guys - for as nice and slick and slippery as it is when it's fresh, it can turn into a sticky mess in a hurry. I'll occasionally use paper towels in a pinch, and those are standard issue when attending a group jack off, but even those don't seem to do the best job in the world. I'm fond of using an old hand towel... When it gets stiff and crusty, it's time for the wash. And, of course, there's the old "licking things clean."

Depending on when you shower, a nice relaxing, sleep inducing wank at night just before drifting off to sleep is perfect for just letting it dry up on its own. I choose to shower it off in the morning. And, there's always the good old "rub it in like lotion" trick.

When I was a kid, I used an old sock that I kept in a nightstand drawer. I'd get it out and put it on the bed next to me, stroke away until I was right at the point of no return, grab it and slip it over my hard-on, pound away and blow my load into the sock. I'd leave it in place and drift off to sleep... 

Waking up in the morning, I'd always have to fish around through the covers to find it and put it way. When it got really stiff and crusty it got tossed into the trash. God knows I didn't dare put it in the wash for my mom to find!

What do you use to clean up after a satisfying, nut-busting geyser leaves you covered in jizz?


AOM said...

As a kid, I used an old wash cloth I kept between my bed and the wall. These days I use paper towels. I always keep a roll of paper towels in my bedroom. When I'm sitting in front of my computer I let cum then grab a PT and clean up. When in bed, I lay on my left side and spread the PT next to me so I can cum on the PT. Love all the cum! Making me mighty hungry! ; ) Hugs and Strokes, AOM


None to clean up these days after my second TURP! I've always found that a piece of an old towel was very good. Just throw it away when it gets too stiff.

Eddie said...

Remove the evidence: lick it up!