Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sex and Marriage

Well, now... It doesn't sound too promising that the US Supreme Court justices are willing to go whole hog on Prop 8. But, we have no choice but to wait until they render their decision, expected in June. All we can do in the meantime is hope the majority understand that the arguments against gay marriage are all based upon religious beliefs. Opponents seem not to be able to find anything outside of religious dogma to use. To deny this right is to force that dogma onto an entire nation. And, dammit!!! why won't marriage proponent legal teams use that as their basis? Will gays have to live unequal or alone for another 50 years?

Does the repeal of DOMA stand any better chance? Must the LGBT community stand by our collective windows, waiting, waiting, waiting to be treated fairly?

Gay marriage doesn't affect mine at all. My sexuality has nothing to do with anyone else's relationship. I'm a very bisexual guy - show me a gorgeous woman and my cock with stiffen up faster than you can say 'boobs." Show me a hunk of a man and my boner will threaten to rip right through my jeans.

It hasn't ruined my marriage, nor has it seemed to have any effect on those around me. Jacking off with a few buddies hasn't harmed anything either... Rather, it could be stated as fact (some) married guys who jack off with their buds has actually saved marriages.

Because we can go enjoy our cocks together, get our rocks off, put our pants back on, and go about the business of life.



Very true what you say! Great photos too!

AOM said...

Absolutely! Great post. I hope the court makes the correct decision. It will happen one day and I definitely hope it is now. Thanks for all you do for us bud! Have a super day. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

the body is so beautful! great faces,bodies and great cocks today:)

Anonymous said...

the gif is beautiful-like waiting for a genie to come out of the bottle;)