Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, folks! Have yourselves a wonderful, relaxing, naked Summer weekend. (Lord Ptrick and others in the Southern Hemisphere - have a nice, relaxing Fall weekend!) Find your favorite spot and kick back.

See what pops up

Make it a healthy weekend and enjoy it.


AOM said...

Have a super hot and horny weekend brother. Strokin with you in spirit jizzin all over the place! : ) Hugs and Stroked, bro. AOM

RAD said...

Have a goodie goodie weekend too! LOVE the last pic!

Your french Patrick said...

Have a great lazy and relaxing weekend, my dear friend.
I just wish you what I wish for me, but obviously feel free to do whatever you want.
Is your book in progress?
Kindest regards.

Your french Patrick said...

Postscriptum: I have said whatever you want, but OBVIOUSLY without any "Blogspot's Terms of Service violation".
Even if the beginning and the end of their mail differ appreciably!

Before entering your page, there is a first page with "The blog you want to view may contain elements exclusively for adults. In general, Google DOES NOT REVIEW nor does it endorse, the content of a blog".
LOL, LOL, and LOL again.
They missed their vocation, they should be humorists!



Enjoy your warm Summer weekend! It is full Winter here now - cold and raining today. A good day to spend in bed with a hot man! I mean a 'good book'! Great post again. Hugs, Patrick

Your french Patrick said...

@ Lord Patrick.
My dear friend, you can mix the two and book a good hot man.
Have a great weekend.

Westernstock said...

Not very summery here. But your guys are nice! Especially like the pop up one!

Anonymous said...

what great bodies and cocks! the balls look beautiful;) nice shots of guys today! thx-bob

O!Daddie now at said...

Great collection-

I'm already chill.☺

Upton King said...

5, 10, and that final pic? Perfection. Great set. Thanks for posting. Happy Pride! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Queer Heaven said...

Such great Dicks on this post!
I hope you are having a very cum filled weekend!