Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Laughing Allowed

Well, now... Dear Abby got it right today for a change. A single mother wrote in to say her two sons have approached puberty in different ways: The older (by 2 years) has been much more private than his brother who has asked plenty of questions. Mom intimates she's tried to answer truthfully and openly. Yet, she stumbled into the younger son's bedroom while he was jacking off and ... she laughed (which she blamed on her own embarrassment)! Then to make matters worse, she admonished him to keep it hidden by stroking himself while covered with a blanket. Yikes!!

Thankfully, Abby informed the mom that masturbation is normal and done by [pretty much] everyone and mom must: (first and foremost) apologize for laughing and admit it was her own sense of embarrassment; promise to never, ever walk into his bedroom again unless she knocks and is given permission to enter. Then she advised the mom to have a male role model or physician discuss puberty and masturbation with her son(s).

Ladies, ladies, ladies! (and some dads, too) jacking off is a normal, healthy activity. If, as a single parent, you have difficulty in discussing masturbation with your pubescent sons - though you shouldn't because it is part and parcel of normal maturation - please, please, please don't embarrass them, or make them feel guilty for doing it, or tell them to hide it under a freakin' blanket. Because that is a sure-fire way to get them to clam up, become completely uncommunicative. And that could be a very bad thing.

This is called Paraphimosis - a severe tightening of the phimotic ring within the foreskin

Keep all things open and on the table for discussion. Especially when it comes to sexual things. They should know about their cocks and balls and what's normal, that boners are a good thing, that jacking off is healthy. Most important, you want them to feel comfortable in talking to you in case there is a problem which might need medical attention.

This bend is from scar tissue as a result of a cracked Tunica

Way too many young men suffer genital troubles needlessly because they're too afraid or embarrassed to talk with a parent; some have literally died from testicular or penile cancer. Embarrassment is a learned behavior; a direct result of being admonished or laughed at for something done or expressed.

No young male should be embarrassed about, or by, this:


Your french Patrick said...

My comment is "no comment".
All is said and very well said.
Have a great day, my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

NO laughing matter indeed

Justin said...

I laughed, lol the things I fucked as a young horny boy, my mother would die in shame.


Great advice! Oh! Those great hard-ons when one was young!

becca said...

thanks for the great advice

Fullmoonma said...

Especially wonderful photos today - thanks!

Great advice - I was troubled for many years (in the 50's and 60's before I came out in the '70's) because my cock was different than what I thought was the "standard" - communication and information are so important!

gerry said...

Great advice to today's Moms and Dads. Many of whom are throwbacks to an earlier age.
I grew up in the 50s and 60s, and thank God had extraordinarily progressive parents. Dad figured out early that I was attracted to other boys and always was matter of fact about sex, was never uncomfortable about my questions and gave useful advice.
My favorite was to stay with your own age group until after College.