Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inspection Time

Since it's Men's Health Month, I want to remind you folks that it's important for guys to get the package inspected. Those of you who have pubescent sons should be taking them to the doctor for a check-up, too - or at least be teaching them what to look for, what is normal and natural, so they will know if something isn't working, or looking, as it should.

Today, inspect that cock. Tip to root. Make sure that foreskin (if you have one) easily retracts and restores. Pay close attention to the head.

Look for odd discolorations, dry patches that won't heal, lumps or bumps that don't belong there.

Penile cancer - cancer of the cock - is no laughing matter and it strikes 1 in 100,000 men in the US, and 1 in 250,000 in Australia. (Fewer than 500 per year in the UK - don't know what those Brits do that's different, but perhaps one my Faithful Readers there can enlighten us.) Though cancer knows no prejudice of age, it does strike men over the age of 60 more often (perhaps due to a penchant for nude sunbathing - be sure to slather plenty of SPF on your cock and balls if you indulge (as I do) and has been diagnosed in guys under 12. 

Symptoms of Penile Cancer:

  • Redness of the penis
  • Rash on the penis
  • Foul smelling discharge from the penis
  • Pain in the penis
  • Growth or sore on the penis that doesn't heal within four weeks (may look like a wart, ulcer, or blister), may or may not be painful
  • Bleeding from the penis or from under the foreskin
  • Change in color of the penis
  • Phimosis (foreskin will not retract) - We've talked about this one before, but never in conjunction with cancer.

There are some pretty nasty looking photos on the internet that I'll spare you from. If you insist on seeing how awful it can get, just google 'penile cancer' - it should be enough to scare you into making an appointment if you've got any of the above mentioned symptoms.

In case you need a reminder, here's what a healthy cock looks like:


Your french Patrick said...

There is an uncontrollable feeling that wells up deep inside me when I see images of the incredible and undeniably superior beauty of the powerful masculine form like some of these. It is a kind of primal happiness at being male and being able to fully appreciate and share in the pleasure and greatness of masculinity. it is good and an honor to be a man.
Amen! (lol)
Have a great day, my dear friend.

AOM said...

Great advice and some very beautiful cocks. Thanks for your public service. It is most important that we know about and talk about these issues. I have a nice glass of ice tea waiting for you at the pool, bro! : ) Ahhhh love to share the day with you! Have a super HARD day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

#15 J'ai reconnu la super bite de Nick Forte... C'est déjà ça!
Pas facile d'identifier un personnage à son engin de tir...

# 15 I recognized the super cock of Nick Forte ... That's already something!
Not easy to identify somebody with only his firing machine ...

Your french Patrick said...
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Your french Patrick said...

@ ANDY: You are right, my friend, this cock belongs to leather daddy Nick Forte from, and the photograph comes from the series of 15 pics @
Have a great day.


Great advice as usual! Love that second last cock! I might steal it for use later on my own blog! Please! Hugs, Patrick :-)

Anonymous said...

French Patrick is spot on...the beauty of the male is on display here. I too am proud and thankful to be a man and the proud owner of a penis. We all share in the sweet knowledge of what this tool does for us. After checking our cocks for cancer, don't forget to shoot off a load to be sure all is working! I'm proud to be in the fraternity of my brother jackers! Healthy and happy jacking to all my brothers.

Dave Patrick said...

Great advice, Whkattk - and I'd like to throw in my 2-cents… Dads, if you have a pubescent son, teach him to honor the badges of full male sexuality - his body hair, especially those gorgeous curls framing his penis. To eradicate it through fear of not following porn and fashion industry advertising manipulation, or to please some woman frightened of male sexuality and wanting her estrogenic prejudices mirrored in him, is a total abdication of masculinity.

Anonymous said...

i now know what i want to be when i grow a ''inspector ''(and while i grow uo ;) )

O!Daddie now at said...

With so many other things to stress out about, I've never given penile cancer much thought. I like statistics and there's a good visual graph here:

@ US Gov CDC

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Mon ami, those are beautiful words! I may have to use them in a post... Many bisous!!!

whkattk said...

@ AOM - My brother, we are such kindred spirits... Someday we must have that cuppa or glass side by side. Hugs and strokes!!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - That median age should get you thoroughly inspecting your cock! Thanks for the link!!

whkattk said...

@ Dave - thanks for reading and thanks for adding your 2 cents! That's what we're about here - it's how we keep discussions open and moving.

becca said...

thank you for this my son is 13 and thankfully not to shy as he came out yesterday asking me to come look at a red spot on his inner thigh near his penis. It turn out to be a heat rash so I had him to just lay on his bed awhile naked to get air to it and left him to his business.

whkattk said...

@ becca - I am SO glad to hear that! (He may benefit from a tube of Fresh Balls to prevent the heat rash - and / or going commando on extremely hot and humid days over the summer months.)