Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(Don't Forget Those) Pecs

During Men's Health Month, we want to make sure you check everything to remain healthy and alive and that includes your tits. We have nipples because, at the moment of conception, we've started out as female. That means we do have breast tissue.

So many, many people, don't equate Breast Cancer with men. But, unfortunately, it does happen. Men get Breast Cancer. Certainly not in the same staggering numbers as women, but it does happen. And that is exactly what makes it worse. Because we don't connect the disease with men, it gets ignored, missed, or misdiagnosed - much of the time until it's too late.

Even some physicians don't know it can strike males. Documentation has been found that insurance companies have denied coverage of medical treatment due to gender.

Men will get a soreness in a pectoral, a tenderness in the nipple, and ignore it. Some may even experience a small amount of lactation and, afraid or too embarrassed to tell anyone, will pretend it hasn't happened.

But, the truth is, if you are a man and that happens, you have more mammary tissue than the average guy and your chances of getting Breast Cancer increase - particularly if the women in your family have been victims of this deadly disease.

So, today, I want you to check those pecs! Raising one arm, use your opposite hand to feel around the muscles and nipple area - look for small lumps or hardness where it shouldn't belong. 

If you've experienced tenderness, or soreness, that you cannot attribute to exercise or some known mishap, go see a doctor. Don't wait, don't mess around, don't be afraid the doctor will look at you as if you've lost your mind. (If he or she does, run, don't walk, run to another.) Be as vigilant with, and attentive to, your pecs and nipples as you are with your cock and balls.


Your french Patrick said...

"at the moment of conception, we've started out as female".

I believed to know that at first the genetic sex was INDEFINITE because there was nearly as much genes XY as of genes XX.
Then, very quickly, the one or the other genetic sex take it on the other one, however the other one is never totally eliminated and has a light outbreak with the age.
You are right, it explain why we have nipples, and this outbreak explain why when we are older our nipples increase and why some old women have some mustache.
Have a great day, my dear Pat.


Very good information!

Anonymous said...


Fluffy33 said...

I check mine on the first Thursday of every month. Balls, I do every week. I just need to wank more.