Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's a Scorcher

It's a scorcher... Enjoy some time in or near the water.



AOM said...

Meet you at the pool, brother! NAKED AND HARD! : ) We are ready for some hot summer fun! Gorgeous fun pix. Thanks for the inspiration. Like you said at AOM, I also see a decline in viewers during nice weather. I guess why stay in looking at hotties on a computer when you can be outside seeing the real deal! : ) Have a beautiful day, bro! Wish I was with you stroking around the pool - checking out the pool jets! LOL Hugs and Strokes, AOM

SEAN said...

I saw a gif of a cock cumming in a pool - your photo set reminded me of it. Very hot...if I could remember where I saw it I'd send it to you.

becca said...

yum hoping to get the pool fix soon or at least get to the beach

Your french Patrick said...

@ SEAN: Dear friend, are they these ones or one of them that I did, seen on my blog (http://frenchpatrick.tumblr.com/) or on one of the hundreds which have reblogged it, or another gif made by somebody else from the same video? Or from another one?
@ P@T: buds399.jpg (under the water too) is very strange and interesting. I don't understand everything on it, but as well, it's made to be seen and not to meditate.
Have a great day my friend.
And, for today, a wet bisou from the pool.


Here we are moving into Winter cold nights and mornings! Enjoy your Summer while you can! Hot post! Hugs, Patrick