Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Happening???

At the time we reach puberty, men experience something unique. The balls get larger and drop further, the cock gets longer and thicker, hair sprouts on our faces, under our arms, around our genitals and we begin a growth spurt that, until then, is unprecedented. And, at that point we first begin to sense something we can't quite fathom - at least not until someone points it out and explains it to us.

It begins with a sensation of heaviness and fullness in the nuts, there's an 'ache' in them we don't understand. They feel swollen somehow. Then it radiates out to the entire groin, spreads to the inner thighs. Our cocks get ultra-sensitive; any movement will make them twitch. Even hauling it out to take a piss seems to bring on a bit of a - if not full-blown - boner.

That sucker gets as hard as a steel fence post, snaking down a pant leg, threatening to bust through the material. It's as if it's never soft. Things become ... surreal.

Left unchecked, a tension creeps into the muscles of the abdomen and slowly invades the entire body. A sense of being wound tighter than a spool of thread invades our entire body. The muscles in our shoulders and neck fill with knots. We can become surly and snap at the most innocuous things - an innocent comment, a funny look.

Pubescent males get a bad rap because of this. We're accused of being moody and uncontrollable. In short, we're horny. If we would only be told this is what is causing these strange things to happen and how to deal with them, we'd be happy and walking around with smiles on our faces all the time.

Friends of mine once regaled me with stories about their son who was exhibiting all those symptoms. I said, "Oh, for crying out loud, cut the kid a break! He's just horny! He needs to get his nuts off." The following weekend, when he snapped at his mother about something, she told him, "Jesus Christ, you either need to go get laid" (he was much too young for that!) "or you need to go in your room and jerk off. Come back when you're not so horny and maybe we can talk." He growled something, stomped down the hall and slammed his bedroom door. But, by golly! two hours later, he came out much calmer and all smiles.

Complete honesty and openness can help to improve a lot of situations. A male's life-long physiological urge, his need, to spread his seed is innate. If he's made aware of that and taught how to deal with it early on, he'll have a much easier time in life. And, as a parent, so will you.


Justin said...

LOL the mother telling her son to have a wank or fuck a pillow or something.

I used to come home from school so fucking horny that the first thing I did was masturbate (usually over one really hot teacher I had)

O!Daddie now at said...

Im still moody, combative and horny so I guess I never grew out of my pubescence.

TornJeans said...

Wow! To read about the mother! Mine got mad when she caught me in the bathroom at midnight. As an adult, I should have asked her what her problem was.

Your french Patrick said...

LOL, thanks to you, my dear friend, here I am better prepared if I resuscitate after my death and know the experience of the second puberty.
I make fun, but the truth is that we know about it never too much, especially as my two foster grandsons are the one in his adolescence and the other has no more to wait a long time to be there.
Have a great weekend.


I remember all that feeling and then the release! OH! I discovered that I could do it three or more times a day and I did. My mother never caught me, but I feel that she would not have been upset. She knew that I played naked with two of my friends, as she told me once, "Don't take you clothes off when there are girls there"! I didn't.

becca said...

thank you for this i'm learning alot about what to expect with Little Man as he is growing way to fast for my liking

Anonymous said...

the one with bunks in his room cock is still growing! nice cock! and balls on the last shot;0 -bob

Baldy said...

First picture... really pretty dick!