Monday, April 7, 2014

Lots to Learn

What an awesome response for my Friday post. I didn't hear anything from the Ladies, but you men sure as hell would appreciate them taking classes on the proper handling of a hard cock.
Speaking of the education of the fairer sex, I went to a show over the weekend and the Women's restroom broke down. After the show, the lines were extremely long for the Men's; two lines actually. Security guards were alternating groups of females with groups of men in to use the facilities. Oddly, the door was propped open. I heard this question echo out: "What are those?" A mature female voice answered, "Those are urinals. Boys can stand to pee." A smattering of laughs from the crowd outside followed.
 (The guys line had a perfect view of the line of urinals; no privacy panels.)
I wondered how old that young person was and if there was a father in the home. Had they paid attention outside, she would've had a perfect demonstration! Because guys who didn't want to (or couldn't) wait broke out of the line, walked to the edge of the pavement across from the restroom building (in full view of the security), stood with their backs to the crowd of onlookers and whizzed into the bushes, or walked around the corner and pissed on the building itself.



Ahhhh ... The advantage of being male: to be able piss anywhere when you need to...


But the whole exchange brought this question to mind: Regardless of gender - when there is so much to learn about it - at what age should an education of the male apparatus begin?








Because from pissing

to boners

to cumming

there's a lot to learn.


Queer Heaven said...

What a great question! And I do not really know the answer.
But I remember being being in the 3 grade at a new school, which had urinals. My dad explained to me that I should not "sit down" to pee, because other boys would think I was a sissy.
I sure hope that boys now a days get better info than I did.

Your French Patrick said...

Yes, my dear Pat, there's a lot to learn, and we are lucky and thankful to have you for that.
I did well to pass by there.
Please, notice that I said "pass", not "piss".
Have a great day, my dear friend, and a lot of my warmest bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

@ Queer Heaven,

I think that your father was right... except that "the other boys" were wrong, what cancels what precedes.

Medical research reported in Sweden’s Folket newspaper said that sitting might mean reduced prostate cancer risk and be better for you in the bedroom. That’s because the bladder empties more efficiently when men take a seat while urinating, and this improved bladder release decreases prostate problems and allows for a longer and healthier sex life.

Secondarily, the Environmental Protection Agency in Taiwan and the local governments are putting out public notices that ask men to sit down while urinating. Why the heck does the government there care how guys take a pee? The Environmental Protection Agency in Taiwan carried out 100,000 inspections of public toilets and found that standing up causes urine splatter and a bad smell, which prompted this debate. Sitting could improve hygiene and ensure that men don’t step through puddles of pee.

Best regards, my friend.

Xersex said...

I'm not so much into piss, but it's me! I prefer cum! more tasteful!!!

Your French Patrick said...

Postscriptum: That said it's obviously very comfortable to be able piss anywhere when we need...
... but only we cannot sit down.



The little boy who had been out with the little girl next door told his mother, " We took our clothes off and had a swim. Mummy! I didn't know that Catholics were so different to Protestants"!!!!!!!

Upton King said...

I know my personal 'education' consists of a life time of learning. I just adore opportunities to 'apply' myself. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

O!Daddie now at said...

I was completely self-taught. Should be part of the parental licensing process.

Anonymous said...

Muslims squat to pee--at least in Africa. I understand the idea is that pee is considered a contaminant and they want to avoid getting pee on their clothes.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I didn't know that Muslim's did that. Thanks for leaving the comment! I suppose it makes sense, but I would think taking hold of your dick and aiming the stream in a manner that reduces splash-back works just as well. And perhaps curbing the need to push your hips against the sides of the urinal to hide your cock from other guys in the room.