Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Unhung Hero

Well, the comments to yesterday's post are amazing. Thank you all! And it helped me decide do another post about the "Cock"-umentary, Unhung Hero. (BTW - watch it if you get the chance. It's very informative for men as well as women. Straight dudes, you don't have to worry about your wives wondering why you want to see it - it's of universal interest. My wife and I watched together.)
He interviewed Jonah Falcon the man whose cock measures over 9" - flaccid! This guy has a bulge he cannot hide - and he seems comfortable walking down the street with it snaking down a pant leg (as well he should, because there's no reason for him to be embarrassed by what he's got). But, he states he does have a very difficult time keeping a woman in a LTR. They all leave because his cock is too big.
Ironic, eh? A filmmaker whose girlfriend turned down a marriage proposal because his dick is too small interviewing a guy who can't keep a girlfriend because his dick is too big.

At one point, he travels to San Francisco to interview a guy who runs a sex club (I can't remember the name of the club) that hosts a monthly Co-ed Masturbate-a-thon. Both men and women attend, gather in a large room, and masturbate together. Yes! right there in front of one another!! (There is a very brief scene of the action.)





It's a really great way to promote the activity as normal and healthy for everyone! And, it's a great way to learn what your partner likes.








Your French Patrick said...

The penis enlargement industry means more than five billion dollars .
Don't enlarge it and you'll save a fortune.
There is beautiful penises as well among the small ones as well as among the huge ones.
I prefer a beautiful little one to a ugly huge one.
There is penises which works well among the small ones as well as among the big ones.
I prefer a little one which works well to a huge one which doesn't work well.
The size is not a criterion of beauty nor a criterion of efficiency.
If I draw a penis, you think that my drawing will be a work of art if I enlarge it enough?
Have a great day, my wondrous friend, and my bisous in open bar.

AOM said...

I find masturbating for a partner a very beautiful intimate sharing. We definitely learn a lot about our partners that way. As for cock size, big one are impressive to see but I much prefer smaller ones to play with. My first bf had a 10 incher and it was very difficult to suck. I probably looked like a blow up doll after finishing him off. LOL I agree with Patrick, a beautiful penis does not depend on size but rather in its form. I wish you a beautiful day, brother. Hugs and Strokes, AOM


Great as always. Trust you are keeping well, Patrick

Xersex said...

I don't need any enlargement, but reading to your post and thinking of my own experiences, I can say Size does matter!!!
#1 & #2: nice shape under the jeans
#3 & #4 nice dicks
C & D: love the rain od f cum!

O!Daddie now at said...

Lemme say this again - if your size is more important to your partner than your being a sensitive, passionate and unselfish lover, then they aren't worth the time or the effort to please them.

Anonymous said...

Having just dropped Netflix (not enough high-quality films), guess I won't watch Unhung. Assuming this isn't a personality thing, I don't get it! Little cocks are easier to suck, and it's been my experience that women don't get those screaming toe-curling orgasms unless you use fingers and tongue on em, esp. the clit. Surveys have shown that women are reluctant to ask men for direct clitoral stimulation. Perhaps the woman who dropped the 'little cock' guy is one of them, and is too shy/dense to figure out 'little cock' would love a BJ?

whkattk said...

@ Eddie - You make some very good points!

BTW, I ownder if the film might be available thru some other system; On Demand, downloadable on-line, perhaps?